Sunday, 11 May 2014

#BEDM Manchester's Vintage Kilo Fair

Hi lovelies,

Sorry I missed out on #BEDMing yesterday, I went to Birmingham to watch my twin sister abseil 120ft (oo-er) and by the time got back all I felt like doing was falling in to bed and sleeping. Especially as we had an early start today. 

I once read that apologising for not blogging is a cardinal sin of the blogging world. is that true?

Anyway, on with the blog: 

Today's early start was because we were visiting Manchester's Vintage Kilo fair. The Vintage Kilo fair is run by Judy's Afforable Vintage fair, I used to do some promotional work for them when they came to Chester so I know they're a great company and passionate about vintage clothing and accessories.

I was particularly excited for a vintage kilo fair... it's basically like a pick 'N' mix : £15 per KG .. which works out at about 3- 4 items of clothing.. bargain! Also it was at the beautiful People's History Museum which I think might be well worth another visit soon. 

I'm trying to undertake a clothing challenge this year where I don't buy any brand new clothes .. so a vintage fair is kind of perfect! 

So what did I get? (sorry for dodgy picture quality)

A plaid shirt

I've been desperate for a plain shirt for a while, my stepdad has an amazing one but I think he's rather attached to it.. so I decided to buy one. This is a men's one, quite lightweight (I really want a proper flannel, lumberjack one!!) I can't wait to wear it. 

Cream Cardigan

As you can see, I've already put this on!! I'm a HUGE knit wear fan and normally end up buying some knitwear whenever I go to a vintage fair/shop. It's so cosy and warm.. and makes me want to rock a newborn baby to sleep or something. 

Denim Jacket

I said yesterday I wanted a denim jacket to throw over maxi dresses etc. in the summer.. and TA DA! It fits beautifully and makes me feel like a true 90s child because it's Lee ;-)

Mickey Mouse T Shirt

How cute? I expected this to be teeny tiny on me! But it stretches nicely. I LOVE Disney and this has got the cutest vintage design on it. It has got something like highlighter mark on the bottom corner but actually it adds to the design!!

Black and White spotted top

Oh. just so lovely. I love the extra design on the neckline too. 

In total I had 1.5 KG of clothing which cost: £22 . Bargain, hey? 

Bonus... Andy came with me and found an amazing leather jacket which fits him beautifully (he looks VERY handsome!!!) andddd it weighed just under 2KG so cost £28 for a genuine leather coat??? whatttt.

I love shopping vintage, I love the idea that the piece of clothing you've bought has a history. 

So, here are my tips for shopping at vintage fairs:

  1. Bring cash - this fair had card payments (once you'd paid the initial entrance fee) but they don't always and some fairs have stools that will accept cards and those that wont. Bring cash and you won't be disappointed... plus it'll stop you going OTT on the spending.
  2. Bring a bag(s)- again... they might provide but why not save the environment? Bring a couple of cute shoppers and load them up! I used to use my leather satchel when I was promoting and it became a talking point.
  3. Check for quality- a lot of the stuff I picked up today had marks/tears on it. If you're handy with a sewing machine you might be able to sort that out (I NEED to dust off my 1920s Singer) but some marks might be impossible to get out, do you want to risk it?
  4. Be prepared to rummage- I was properly exhausted today and not up for the rummage at all! We basically covered the whole fair in 30 minutes flat but if I was more inclined I might have found some even better bits.
  5. Think outside the box- I.e. pick a size that's too big or not your normal style or even a male item. One of my favourite vintage shirts is XL or something but once it's tucked in to a pencil skirt it looks great. and today's plaid shirt purchase wouldn't be something I'd normally hunt for on Ebay. 
  6. Have a budget AND stick to it- see my cash point! It's easy to go a bit mental.. especially something like this which is like a pick N mix ... but be strict with yourself otherwise you could easily spend loadsssssss. 
Would you add anything else?

Until tomorrow...

What do you think of my purchases?


  1. Love the shirt and denim jacket! Never heard of a vintage kilo fair before, but may have to take a peek at a website for more details!

    1. Hi
      Thanks so much for your comment :-) well worth checking out! xx


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