Friday, 30 May 2014

BEDM- Healthy Living

I can't quite believe BEDM is drawing to a close and this is my penultimate post! I've actually been writing my posts a day or so in advance because i'm more motivated to do that than I am to revise and just whilst it's fresh in my mind. 

This week I discovered a fellow BEDMer: Siobhan Emma and she wrote a brilliant post on healthy living and changes she'd like to make to her life to live a little healthier. So I thought I'd use her post as a template for my own ideas and changes:

Drink more water

This is something I say reguarly. If I'm in Bournemouth I find the taste of water really dull and if I'm in Chester I just hate the taste. So I bought a bobble which filters the water, it's a bit of a cost to start up with (about £12 + £5 ish for new filters every 300 uses (once a year??)) but it's definitely cheaper than buying bottles of water every day (around 60p a pop!). I'm still not loving it.. because I can't down it the way I would a bottle of diet coke!

I figured out on Tuesday that I mostly drink tea, diet coke and wine. Not the healthiest combo! and I know water is good for me.. it shows on the outside so it's probably doing a world of good to my insides.
So i'm refilling my bobble and I'm also drinking fruit infused water. I read Frankie's Weekend post on her fruit infused water this week and so far I've tried lime (thanks to Nick and Hannah for providing this with dinner) and lemon. I really want to try strawberry and mint.
Not only that but lots of weight loss advice says to guzzle water instead of snacking.

Click for source

Snack better

In general, our meals aren't that unhealthy. If we plan them properly. We've discovered a love for sweet potato (see my wedges recipe here) and so I'm not too concerned about how healthy our meals are. However, snacking is something else! 
I'm not a huge fan of loads of chocolate at once.. it just winds up making me feel sick. But I love savoury, salty food, especially crips! So i'm trying to find healthier alternatives. 
Currently I'm obsessed with Ryvita thins (and have even started to like Ryvita itself!) also trying to snack on fruit (dried or fresh), nuts, cereal, seeds etc. At some point I'd quite like to try doing my own cheaper version of Graze boxes. I did try these Naked banana bread bar but I really wasn't a fan!

Tastes a bit better than it looks

Stay Active

I'm currently spending a lot of time at home, sat on the bed trying to revise/write my essay. What I need to be doing is making sure I'm getting out the house, going for a walk/run/swim etc. 
Me and Andy have just started running together using the Run Double (coach to 5k) app. I'm a self confessed exercise hater so I needed something really good to get me running! and so far we've been on two runs this week one of which I instigated! At the moment it's mostly brisk walking with 8 x 60 second running intervals but we're doing about 2K at a time so I'm not really going to turn my nose up at that!! 
I think I just need to do something daily.. whether that's a good walk or run or finding an exercise class I enjoy just to get me active.

I'm also thinking about buying an exercise DVD probably Jillian Michael's 30 day shred and I have pinned a lot of exercise moves onto my body board on pinterest but currently Andy's mum is in all day and I don't know how she'd react if I started bouncing up and down upstairs!

What is the ultimate aim?
I've been gaining weight for a little while recently. I've always been skinny- about a size 6/8 and people used to comment on it all the time (with some skinny shaming!) and I didn't really notice until Christmas time that I had a bit of a tummy and was just a bit bigger everywhere. Since then I'm probably about a 8/10 which I know is nothing but I'm not happy with how I look or feel about my body and ultimately that's all that matters. So I'd like to get back to being a size 8 and fitting all the clothes I own. As well as toning up my abs, arms and legs. 
I don't really know how much I weigh because every scale tells me different! So its not really about weight loss it's about being happier and healthier. 

What to you do to keep healthy? Do you have a favourite fruit infused water recipe?

Until tomorrow...

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