Sunday, 4 May 2014

#BEDM - Four things I prefer to Star Wars

Hello again

So it's May 4th which is apparently Star Wars day.. but I watched on Star Wars film when I was about 12 and if I'm honest it didn't exactly make a lasting impact upon me. 

So for the fourth day of May here is my list of four things I prefer watching/ reading to Star Wars:

1. Harry Potter.
I LOVE Harry Potter, especially the books. I can't count how many times i've read and re read the books and we're currently watching the films whilst we rabbit sit (Andy has only seen a couple of the films and for the sake of our relationship we need to watch them all!)
Myself and Chloe (my twin) went to Harry Potter studios in February which was the most amazing day- I took about 200 photos or something ridiculous. It was fascinating. We also got to meet some of the animal actors. Amazing

2. Twilight
Sorry,  not sorry. I'm not a twihard but I do enjoy the books. I'm re reading the books at the moment and it makes a nice change to assignment writing. Although the youth worker in me gets frustrated with Bella and her dependence on Edward. I'm also team Jacob, FYI.

3. One Tree Hill.
One Tree Hill would be my mastermind subject if I ever went on. Again, I've watched every episode time and time again. I love putting it on and just monging out in front of it, quoting it, and probably relating too much of my life to it. HAHA- I am honestly so similar to Brooke Davis (apart from not having a multi million pound clothing company). I also really love a lot of the actors- Sophia Bush who plays Brooke is just amazing. 

4. Frozen
We got Frozen for free using a cash back website. Within the first week of owning it I watched it six times... Including watching it twice in one day with my friend Mia (You can follow her on twitter). In general I'm a big disney fan and I think this is one of their best. Plus.. I'm in love with Olaf .. I want one!

Until tomorrow.. 

p.s. what are you top four? Or what's SO good about star wars?


  1. I'm also not a big Star Wars fan, I've seen them but it was years ago so I'll probably rewatch them to see if I can get a feel for them. I do love Harry Potter though! I went to the studio 2 summers ago, it was fantastic.

    1. Thank you for your comment. :-) I'm glad it's not just me :p are you #BEDMing?

  2. I'll happily watch Star Wars - but then I'll happily watch Harry Potter, Frozen and Twilight too! (which is lucky as like most little ones mine are obsessed with Frozen at the moment!). Don't think I've ever seen One Tree Hill though - will have to take a look.

    And my favourite at the moment is the Good Wife, and Game of Thrones. Not sure either of them counts as sci-fi...Game of Thrones kind of, perhaps?!

    Happy #BEDM from :)

    1. Haha. I'm just not a scifi girl ;-) OTH is VERY different to star wars but definitely worth a viewing :p
      I've not seen the good wife or game of thrones but I believe they're both on netflix so will have to take a look.

      will give your blog a read tomorrow :-)


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