Tuesday, 20 May 2014

#bedm - Blog chat Tuesday

Hello lovelies
Hope you're well, no news on the job front as yet! 

I decided to leave the blog chat prompt until today because for a little while (read 3 weeks) I did a weekly feature called : 'Blog chat Tuesday' where I interviewed some of my favourite bloggers about their blogs and themselves! It's something I'd really love to start up again. I think it makes a great read to hear about other people, creates a blogging community and introduces blogs to a new readership. If you'd be interested in being featured please let me know (in comments or via twitter) you can also check out previous blog chats here, here and here

But I also want to chat a bit about some of new blog finds

The first is very new I only discovered it today! 
Now apart from the Breakfast at Tiffanys reference ( which I'm a sucker for) Penny is a UK based lifestyle blogger blogging about saving money and still having fun! I love that! There's not enough British money saving blogs (I get it pinterest, I could use coupons but I don't live in the USA) I'm desperately trying to save money and be better with spending so I love reading how other people are doing it! And I'm definitely thinking about joining in the next tenner week when it comes around! Also, Penny doesn't just focus on money but lifestyle: healthy eating exercise, mindfulness etc. very cool!

Another money saver here. Not only is Jack ridiculously cool she makes the most cheap, tasty meals ever. She makes them, eats them, blogs them, and puts them in her cook book. She's actually pretty famous y'know! We made her two bean goulash recipe the other week and it was SO yummy! And to be super thrifty we used the leftovers in a lasagne yesterday! 

This is a #bedm favourite! I've loved watching the journey of Mr and Mrs C and family unfold throughout this month and the little tweets and comments we've exchanged, especially the lunchbox posts. Also Jersey looks so pretty. 

Firstly, Daire has the best name ever! But also writes beautifully with real honesty and passion. She's inspired one of my previous posts for #bedm and I've also got involved with this months online book club. And it's inspired me to look for a local book club in Chester. Anyone know of one? 

Until tomorrow...
 P.s. What are your most recent blog finds? 


  1. You are so on it with this blogging thing! I'm deffo gonna check out those blogs, always after good British blogs :) let me know when you hear back from the job people. Xx

    1. Thank you :-) enjoy the blogs, let me know what you think! Yea, will so.. Hopefully tomorrow? I'm getting antsy!!


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