Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Reverse Hair Washing

Sorry, beauties no pretty pictures in this blog post. I think that will become evident as you read on- what could I have photographed? 

The other week I read Emma at From Aldi to Harrods review of reverse hair washing. Apparently it's an actual craze, the daily mail reports it so it must be true (also so does Glamour magazine who are a more reputable source in my opinion).

The idea is... you use conditioner first THEN shampoo (minds blown, I know!) 

I was curious and I thought it made sense.. surely if you condition after shampoo you're just piling product onto clean hair! So I decided to give it a go today. 

Like Emma, I was sceptical but for different reasons. My hair is really fine, as soon as it touches water or steam it goes a bit haywire and as as a result I have to wash it every time I shower (or I should buy a shower cap, either way!) Also, a few times in my bleary eyed showering state (tiredness and lack of glasses) I've used conditioner first, tried shampoo afterwards and not loved the result so I've wound up conditioning twice! 

But, I'll try anything once (don't quote me on that!!).

So I did... firstly, my shower was really, really quick- and that's from someone who normally does the job lot in 5 minutes flat. I think where I normally leave my conditioner in for a minute or so I got a bit flustered and just washed it straight out - so I'm not sure it's a very fair test.

secondly, I didn't get the lather I normally get from either product they both felt a bit waxy when they went on. But just using conditioner made my hair really soft, so if it's a day where my hair doesn't need a wash but does need smoothing out I'll remember that.

Again, the shampoo didn't really lather but it did the job. My hair was squeaky clean (is it just me that does the squeak test?) it felt a bit odd, like it hadn't washed everything out properly. But generally it didn't feel toooo bad. 

When I dried it, it dried well and looks freshly washed and nice. It still feels a bit odd, like I have a layer of product on it that didn't wash out but it's soft, smooth, clean smelling and knot free so I can't ask too much more really can I?

Also, I used less of both which in the long run will save me money I guess?

I'm not sure if I'd do reverse washing every time but I'd definitely give it a couple more go's to see if it makes a difference and if I fall in love with it.

Have you tried reverse washing?

Until next time....

p.s. next time I'm reviewing a hair product I do love! 


  1. Glad you've tried it out! I'm still keeping it up and I still have the same amazing results. I'd be interested to see how it goes for you.

    1. Hi Emma. Thanks for your comment and your RT. I'm going to keep trying. and will keep you updated with the results. I found the next day that my hair felt dirtier than normal? But definitely going to try again and see what happens.


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