Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Product review- Models own shades nail varnish

Hello beauties

I hope you had a lovely Easter bank holiday weekend. 

Today is more than just a beauty bargain! 
Those who know me know I'm pretty obsessed with entering twitter and Facebook competitions and I had a streak in about October-December time of winning something nearly every week! I was beginning to think meeting Andy had dried up allll my luck until the other week when I won not one but FIVE models own nail varnishes from their nails for tan range. FREE beauty products, yey! 
I'm not a huge person for painting my nails mainly because I get bored and I never do a great job but the colours in this range are so beautiful and bright I couldn't wait to try them! 

Below is a picture of them:
From L-R : sun hat, bikini, beach bag, shades, flip flop. 

Don't get me wrong. I have loved the nice weather we've had recently but any further reminder that summer is on it's way is alright with me! And this summer I'm going to be on a beach in North Carolina so I will definitely need my sun hat, bikini, beach bag, shades and flip flops! But I digress! 

On account of needing a pamper evening tonight I decided to gives 'shades' a go. 
It's a lovely coral pink unfortunately no photo flash or no flash could quite capture the colour but imagine it slightly less orange and a bit more pink got it? Or check out models own IG who will give you a better idea of the shade! 

I love models own nail varnish because for someone like me who gets bored painting their nails they're perfect, they go on hastily, only require one coat (two max) and dry at super speed! I will say this goes on quite thick, which for me works out nicely but might not be to everyone's taste! 

And it doesn't have a really strong nail varnish smell. Win! 

Oh! and an added note from nearly 12 hours later.. it's still all in tact, just one chip which my intentional doing! For me, someone who constantly chips and smudges nail varnish to the point where I just don't use it that's good going! 

Other all, a really lovely product! Now, what one shall I use next? 

Until next time, I'm dreaming of summer! 
L xx

P.S. Have you ever won anything in a competition? 

P.P.S. Please check out my friend Mia's fashion and beauty blog: Estilo E Fashion


  1. I've always wanted to ask how many of those comps you win! I never wear nail varnish because after 3 minutes it's usually chipped or scratched and looks bad. I need a nail varnish that will with stand my boredom induced scratching off.....

    Do they do any subtler colours? Xx

    1. Haha. One day i'll write a list of all the things I've won, Esther! But I won quite a few lovely bits, I said last Christmas that I was just going to win everyones presents for Christmas 2014- so I need to get entering again!

      Not in this range, no. But Models Own have sooo many colours and the coolest bottle shops in Westfields. My nails still look pretty good two days in, a few tiny chips that would only really bother a perfectionist (and I'm not one of them!!) PLUS I've just had a go at scratching it off and it doesn't come off at all. So worth checking out? I've got a few of their other colours at uni I'll give one of them a go when I'm back and let you know how they last??


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