Monday, 31 March 2014

This weekend we went to... Rococo

On Saturday we went on a lovely outing to one of my most favourite places: Liverpool. 

After wandering around and doing a bit of shopping (my 25% off at H+M broke my no new clothes rule!!) we decided we needed a cheeky coffee break.

Now, I don't know about you but I do love Starbucks but if I can find a cute, independent coffee shop than I'd much rather drink there.
Right opposite Costa is Rococo which promises it's: "Saving Liverpool from Corporate Coffee". andddd I think it might be somewhere I have to visit every time I go to Liverpool. 

Based on the second floor above T Mobile it's massive! Taking up approximately three rooms and decorated beautifully with huge sofas and arm chairs and vintage goodies (anywhere that has a singer sewing machine in the corner is a winner as far as I'm concerned!)

It had a lovely atmosphere with friendly staff and patrons (someone offered their seats to us... how sweet?).

Better still I'm not a fan of coffee but I find these places tend to be a bit sparse on a decent cup of tea or nice hot chocolate BUTTTTT they did Bailey's hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream (ok, maybe not diet friendly ;-)) and it was yummy!
Andy had a berry smoothie and despite the berries in his teeth he said it was lovely. 

The hot chocolate was about £4 and the smoothie £3 so it's not dirt cheap but not much more than if you went to Starbucks or something. Worth it, definitely. 

It was pretty busy in there so I'm guessing it's popular (although only 28 people have liked them on facebook so perhaps like me and Andy they all just popped in!)

But I'd recommend a visit if you're ever in Liverpool (it's right in the city centre so easy to find!) 

Until next time.

What's your favourite coffee shop? 

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