Thursday, 27 March 2014

Product Review- Manuka Doctor Restoring Night Cream

A few months ago Mauka Doctor and A Thrifty Mrs teamed up for a cheeky bargain! For the price of postage (£2.50) you got three, decent sized samples of three of their products:

  • Restoring night cream
  • Rejuvenating face mask
  • Age defying serum
which would normally cost the grand total of: £15.99. Not a bad bargain hey?

As yet, I've yet to use the face mask (but perhaps this weekend with a nice glass of wine) and right now I'm not really in need of an age defying serum (although Andy says that he might start using it because I might give him wrinkles and he also does a JT style frown! - Perhaps I'll let him guest blog!!)

Anyway, I HAVE been using the night cream BUT I've been using it as my daily moisturiser.
I'm not someone who has a religious skin care routine but recently my skin has been quite dry so I thought I'd give it a go.. andddddd I LOVEEEE it!!

Firstly, it really works.. my skin is really soft and noticeably so within first application and even better, I applied some at about eleven this morning it's not six o clock and my skin is still super soft and lovely.

And do you know what's even better?? it smells amazingggggg!!! Like, the first time I wore it, I kept trying to figure out what spelt nice then I realised it was my FACE!! amazing. It smells like honey, naturally. it's yummy!

The only problem is I use quite a bit of it at a time which might just be my preferance but it certainly works.

At $48.49 for a 1.69 fl Oz tub I'm not sure if I'll be investing in some any time soon I might need to stick to something a little more in my non existent price range but if that's the amount you'd normally spend I'd totally, totally recommend it!! 

Until next time...

Have you had any bargains lately? What moisturiser would you recommend?

p.s. Manuka Doctor products contain bee venom so please don't use if you're allergic (sorry, mum!)

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