Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Blog revamp.

Good Morning If you're a dedicated reader (or you've read my blog more than once!) you'll notice things look a bit different around here. 

After last month's blogging challenge I decided to actually do something with my blog! As such, I decided to change it around a bit and work on the layout. What do you think? 
 I read yesterday that blog posts should be black text against a grey/white background- hence the design. Plus, I really like this layout. Apparently it's magazine style!

 I'm not really sure what this blog will look like over the coming months but I have a few ideas for regular features and I have an exciting guest post coming this week, hopefully. In essence, I'm hoping to write at least once a week- although as I said at the end of November I'm not sure it will ever follow a specific theme. 

 Do you think blogs should focus on topic or is it ok to cover a range? 

Anyway, this is just an introduction to my newly shiny blog! My laptop is really playing up and reminding me why I normally post from my phone! 

 Any other tips for a wannabe blogger?

P.s. my filofax layout post was featured on Philofaxy - check out their weekly finds! 

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