Thursday, 14 November 2013

#bedn- world kindness day

I started this post then lost focus so it's a little late!
My new bed time seems to be 3am (not unfortunately out of choice because I'm out partying or something!) Last night my body wanted to sleep, my brain? Nuh uh! (I promise this is relevant to today's title!)

So my brain was in overdrive, stressing me out and reminding me of stuff I'd rather forget. Then I tweeted these lyrics:

"someday I'll be living in a big ol' city and all you're ever going to be is mean"

Oh Taylor, writing about my life again. Except you probably guessed from yesterday's post I'm more of a country girl than a big city!

But it got me thinking- so often we are held back by people being mean. It takes like 7-10 compliments to over ride 1 insult! And women are notorious for this - to quote an American politician  :
" when men lose an election they blame the voters, when women lose they blame themselves". Why are we so quick to believe bad stuff about ourselves and let it effect us?

For me? It's believing that because so and so was mean and didn't treat me well history will repeat itself. Especially when it comes to dating. I write guys off as bad before they've even stood a chance!

So this world kindness day I pledge to believe in kindness! To remember the good stuff and whilst I don't intend to become naive I no longer want mean people to dictate my present and future.

Anyone want to join me on this?

Until tomorrow

P.s. A special thank you to my KIND housemates who've looked after me whilst I've been unwell this week. You guys are amazing!

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