Monday, 25 November 2013

#bedn- one month til Christmas!

Oh I don't know what's happening! This is my third attempt at posting this it keeps getting deleted :-(

Anyway, welcome to day 25! I'm SO excited! Today I gave my mum her 3 week warning so my room will be ready (and the rest of the house will be moved out of it!) when I return home!
I've already eaten wayyy too many mince pies (I'm rating Tesco*) and started wrapping presents.
One of the first and best things I found on pinterest is 31 ways to wrap your crap.
Before this I thought of wrapping as something that just got torn off now it's an art form!
So I've been stocking up on tree decorations, mini baubles, ribbons, stickers, washi tape  and the most amazing newspaper style wrapping paper which cost about 21p on eBay!
Here's an example of one I did last week, it's not quite finished it needs a bit more embellishment! Can you guess what it is?

How are your plans coming along?

Until tomorrow

Ps I'm also excited because my friend has asked to do a guest post on this blog! I feel like a proper blogger! Look out for that next week

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