Friday, 22 November 2013

#bedn- national television day

Is it ok to post about a national Day a day late?
Hope so!

I'm going to talk about what I always cite as my mastermind subject: one tree Hill!
Anyone who knows anything about me knows I'm obsessed with this show but also that it's dangerous to get dragged in to watching it (it's usually on in our house) because you will get hooked!

Ok. So it's kinda teen drama / unrealistic at Times but I love it. They cite some wonderful wise words and I completly relate to Brooke Davis:
Funny. Intelligent. Kind-hearted. Strong-headed. Simple. Complicated. Motherly. Childish. Tough. Sensitive. Beautiful. Way cooler than she was in high school.
Ok. So it doesn't all relate but she goes Dr being this sensitive but slightly messed up high school involved with all the wrong girls to a successful, beautiful young women who... *Spoiler* gets the boy and the baby!

She gives me hope. And Sophia Bush who played her is a wonderful woman! She is a human rights activist and an advocate for female education! Wonderful!

So, there is only one tree Hill.

Until tomorrow (ok about 10 mins when I write today's post!)

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