Sunday, 17 November 2013

#bedn- hobbies

This is a quick post with 5 mins to spare because I'm determined not to be behind another day! (I didnt write this on the train because my battery died and I didn't know the topic anyway! Doh!)

I feel like I'm one of those people who will have to lie on their CV  because I have no hobbies!
But I guess that's not strictly true.
I am part of The University of Chester's event society, in fact I'm on the committee. I'm the "communications officer" so I deal with the emails, writing of minutes but also social media! Which I love! We're gearing up for the light switch on this Thursday in conjunction with the council which is very exciting!

Otherwise, I've just taken up running, in an effort to be more fit! In order to have a purpose for it I'm signing up for the Chester half marathon but before that I'm starting with the coach to 5k app and my first one last Thursday didn't write me off. So far, so good!

And finally, there is pinterest! Today someone in Liverpool was saying they're setting up a pinterest society at their uni! Why am I not president of this?!?  I LOVE Pinterest and all the crafty, foody, wedding and home goodness it has to offer! Follow my board: lmgeorge92

Until tomorrow (well, today! Hey! I'm only 2 mins late!)

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