Monday, 4 November 2013

#bedn- food glorious food!

Is everyone else just doing a much better job at bedn then I am?
Yesterday was an odd day! Plus I really struggled with the topic! I know we can move away from it but I'm trying to stick to them! Anyway it got to gone midnight and I decided it just wasn't going to happen!

Onwards, Day four!
I thought about writing about my favourite foods and recipes but actually I couldn't let this topic pass without mentioning Jess!
Jess Is my best friend from uni and she is currently undertaking a "food challenge" and whilst I rip it out of her a lot  and have decided to sponsor her to stop complaining! She is doing an amazing job raising awareness and money for leprosy mission! And like me, she's a huge fan of food so I can understand why it's difficult some days! Here's the overview of what she's doing:

popped into my head.

"What? I am going to be raising money for The Leprosy Mission, particularly for a village in South Sudan. I will be changing the food I consume to attempt to match how the people in South Sudan eat. This will be done in a controlled manner, with all my meals being balanced. I will be eating 2 small meals a day consisting of rice, vegetables and protein (cheese, nuts or quorn). I will only be drinking water and squash. I won’t be consuming anything else, no snacks, no chocolate, no crisps, no alcohol. I will, however, be having one day off each week just to top my body up with essentials"

To see more of Jess' journey please check out her blog:

And consider sponsorship on her just giving page! The money raised will go to leprosy mission and specifically a village in south Sudan!

Jess has also set a challenge this week: share a meal with friends! But a SIMPLE meal: rice, veg or fruit etc (see Jess' blog for details of her meals!) and perhaps donate the money saved to Jess or another great cause!

Until tomorrow!

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