Saturday, 16 November 2013

#bedn- favourite folk

Halfway point and I'm getting lazy. As punishment I'm posting two posts in one day today!
It just so happens that I'm with one of my most favourite people (ok probably my most favourite) as I write this. I'm using the train journey to and from Liverpool to insure I'm completely up to date!

I've talked about my family a lot in previous posts so of course they're on my list of favourite folk but they won't star in today's post.

After that this post could be very broad. I am very blessed to have lots of really great people in my life who are all my favourites (some more then others obviously)

But I decided to talk about my housemates today!

I live with three wonderful girls!

Jess- Jess has been my best friend since some point in first year. She's a crazy, dramatic ginger  who makes me laugh a lot- partly because she comes out with the daftest things!
She is so wonderful! She knows just about everything about me and is my first point of call when I'm low!
Living with her is a lot of fun (even if she takes forever to shower!) she also has an excellent DVD collection and we have far too many similar tastes!

Mayen- I didn't know Mayen that well before we lived together. But I love spending time with her. Again our tastes are simular: we both love pinterest and addictive games for our phone! She also doesn't ask now if I want tea she just grabs my mug and makes me one- that's the sort of person you want to live with!
Oh and of course she put my "godson" Ronald the hamster into my life.

Baker- I lived with Baker (Sarah) last year and love living with her again! Her similarities to Sheldon Cooper both infuriate and amuse me. But she's also the wisest person I know and so in tune with what Jesus is saying! Plus, there aren't many people who I can watch repeats of one tree Hill with despite watching the same episode 19 times!! Look out for us on Pointless one day ;-)

So that's my wonderful housemates!

Eugh someone has just got on the train stinking of cigarettes! Grim!

Until tomorrow (well later today)

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