Saturday, 30 November 2013

#bedn- the end

So technically this isn't the end because I skipped a day which I'm going to do tomorrow because it fits with the start of advent but since it's the last day of November it's time for my reflections!
First off, blogging every day is hard! O have so much respect for anyone who does it for work or pleasure on a daily basis. It requires a lot of brain Power and often it was the last thing I felt like doing of an evening! I thought I'd find it easy nut even just typing our a quickie on my phone was more time and energy consuming then I expected!

However, it has inspired me to blog a lot more regularly- perhaps once a week minimum! I've got a few ideas up my sleeve so watch this space. I don't think my blog will ever have a specific theme- perhaps "lifestyle" at a push! But it will just me a mix of crafts, filofax, opinions, fashion and general ramblings! I'm also aiming to apply the same level of motivation to my Youth Work club, so hopefully I'll be blogging at least twice a week!

Finally, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all those who have read my posts this month, for your lovely feedback and support!! You make me feel loved and like I wasn't talking to myself!!

And of course thank you to the wonderful (and newly award winning) Rosillium for setting this challenge! Same again soon?

So since I know I'll be posting tomorrow. For the last time...
Until tomorrow!

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