Friday, 8 November 2013

#bedn- a day in the life

When I wrote this title down in my filofax I knew it'd be a difficult one! As a student with an ever changing time table there isn't really a standard day but here's a rough idea!
If I don't have a 9am lecture, I try and get up around 9am (I know this is late by many standards I'm making the most of mydat few months of being a student)
First thing on my agenda is tea, did I mention I don't function without it?
Then I do all the bits that would cause procrastination later: games on my phone, Facebook, Twitter, pinterest etc.
A write a to do list to try and focus my day then try (recently really unsuccessfully to get it done. I can't focus for too long so I tend to break it up with small tasks: shower, washing up, tidying, a game, phone call etc.
Recently I've been trying to get in to the habit of treating my studies like a job so working from 9-5 ish then stopping for the day! (again varying success).
My day tends to be broken up placement or lectures depending on what I've got going on!
And the evenings? Socialising! With my housemates or other local friends, watch tv, check pinterest and blog.
I go to bed around 11 but rarely sleep much before 1.
I hope some of the other entries are more structured!
By this time next year (to the week) I'll be a graduate so perhaps if I did this post again it would have more routine!

How was your day?

Until tomorrow

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