Monday, 18 November 2013

#bedn- clothes challenge

I know I said I'd try and stick with the given topics but I didn't know where to go with anti bullying and I really wanted to do this post. I hope you'll forgive me.

At the start of October I challenged myself to not buy new clothes until Christmas. Instead, Instead utilising eBay, charity shops and vintage shops and fairs. Partly in an attempt to save money but also because I don't really need to buy brand new clothes (apart from some things like... Underwear!)

So far, so good. The only things I've bought new are trainers for running  (yea... I'm that person!) and some fancy dress items!

Below is a picture of most of my eBay purchases!

First of all, it's obviously not all clothes! As you can see eBay has fuelled my filofax addiction and 2 of them are missing! One was in a different bag and the second I already sold on!

Also, I have a gift wrap obsession hence the christmassy stickers and some of the other stickers are for filofax decorating!

Finally the clothes!
That beautiful tweed trench coat at the back? I accidentally set fire to it on my friends candle! Devastated!

But also, can we discuss those black jeans? I'm in love! I put them on today and they are perfect!
Like most girls I'm not an off the peg shape! Iv got tiny hips and waist plus a pretty big bum, skinny, long legs (despite being only 5 ft 4) but these fit beautifully! I'm so happy! Especially as they were 99p!!

So what next?
I'm desperate for a sparkly dress for Christmas parties!
And I need running clothes ( I can't believe I'm that person!)

Oh and probably more gift wrap stuff!
Stay tuned for that!

I've also got some wonderful vintage buys but that's another post!

Until tomorrow

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