Tuesday, 5 November 2013

#bedn- bonfire night

Ooh I meant to write this earlier but its still 5th!
This topic is hard!
So I thought I'd focus on why I love bonfire night:
1. The weather- for the sake of fireworks I can totally put up with a bit of drizzle and cold! It just feels so great when you're chilly but can smell bonfire smell! We went to Chester racecourse fireworks on Saturday and it was SO windy but somehow when fireworks are in the sky it feels ok!!

2. The food and drink - it is totally the start of that season! Saturday we warmed up with my special mulled cider and hot mince pies (too early!?) but also I love toffee apples! And the weather means stodgy food! Pies and potato and yummy things!

3. The clothes- I love summer but one of the best things about autumn and winter is the wardrobe: getting hats on and boots, leggings etc. I am such a knit wear fan I have to dedicate a large drawer to it and I'm still running out of space!! I also have the cutest knitted head band which looks like a panda or something it's already made a debut this week but I think it'll be out a lot this season!

4. The atmosphere! Forget S.A.D I can't think of a time when fireworks don't mean a happy occasion! That's partly why I love them it means there's something yo celebrate (in this instance we're celebrating the death penalty of someone who commited treason but y'know... Details!)

5. Memories- some of my favourite memories are of fireworks And bonfire night celebrations! Whether that's memories of my late great uncle or hanging out with my twin, to a busy display during my year out in London even up to last weekend! Fireworks are fun!

And of course, as Michael McIntyre pointed out, now the last firework has fizzled out it means... CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!

Until tomorrow

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