Saturday, 30 November 2013

#bedn- the end

So technically this isn't the end because I skipped a day which I'm going to do tomorrow because it fits with the start of advent but since it's the last day of November it's time for my reflections!
First off, blogging every day is hard! O have so much respect for anyone who does it for work or pleasure on a daily basis. It requires a lot of brain Power and often it was the last thing I felt like doing of an evening! I thought I'd find it easy nut even just typing our a quickie on my phone was more time and energy consuming then I expected!

However, it has inspired me to blog a lot more regularly- perhaps once a week minimum! I've got a few ideas up my sleeve so watch this space. I don't think my blog will ever have a specific theme- perhaps "lifestyle" at a push! But it will just me a mix of crafts, filofax, opinions, fashion and general ramblings! I'm also aiming to apply the same level of motivation to my Youth Work club, so hopefully I'll be blogging at least twice a week!

Finally, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all those who have read my posts this month, for your lovely feedback and support!! You make me feel loved and like I wasn't talking to myself!!

And of course thank you to the wonderful (and newly award winning) Rosillium for setting this challenge! Same again soon?

So since I know I'll be posting tomorrow. For the last time...
Until tomorrow!

Friday, 29 November 2013

#bedn - all I want for Christmas!

It seems apt as I write my wishlist that I make this about my new collection: Filofaxes! People keep saying I don't NEED more filofaxes and that's right but no-one says to a stamp or coin collector they don't need anymore. Obviously, I'm not going to use all them at once!
But if money were no object (or people wanted to buy me a present!) here is my wishlist: (subject to change)

The original keyring- green

Back to school organiser- green
Metropol - mini - kingfisher blue
Purse organiser- compact - scarlet

The Malden- pocket - aqua and purple 
Patent - pocket- purple
Saffiano - pocket - aqua and purple
Finsbury- pocket (or personal) - antique Rose
Swift- pocket - sage
Cover story - pocket - blue or sage
Aston - pocket - orchid

The original - personal- fuchsia
Osterley- personal - plum
Peru - personal - multi

The original - a5 - green
Pennybridge - a5 - purple and raspberry
Finsbury - every size (except pocket) - raspberry

I feel like a buck the trend a bit within the filofax community because I prefer pocket sizes to personal.
As you can also see I'm a bit of a purple fan and love the aqua colours.
For more purple filofax love see : my purpley life
And obviously, all I want for Christmas is YOUUUUUU

Until tomorrow

Thursday, 28 November 2013

#bedn- the great outdoors

Oh what to say?!
I do like the great outdoors, I really do!
Sometimes I think I need to explore it more!
We are very lucky to have fields directly behind our house which the dogs go out in and Im excited to pull my wellies and run out there with them again!
I also love water! We used to bodyboard in Cornwall and Devon a lot particularly in woolacombe which is one of the most beautiful places on earth! I'd love to do that aga
I also went gorge walking in north Wales last year and had THE best time! I'm desperate to go again! Who wants to come with me?
Otherwise, I just like to be outside especially in the sun with a picnic!!

But for now, I'm back to snuggling under my blanket whilst drinking wine and rabbit sitting! I'll leave the great outdoors to the celebrities in the jungle!

Until tomorrow

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

#bedn- yes moments!

Romans 8:15-17 MSG

"This resurrection life you received from God is not a timid, grave-tending life. It’s adventurously expectant, greeting God with a childlike “What’s next, Papa?” God’s Spirit touches our spirits and confirms who we really are. "

This verse is more about saying yes then a yes moment! But I love it!
The next few months are quite uncertain in terms of relationships and what's next after university. But I want to believe that when God answers "what's next?" I'll be able to YES!

That'll be my yes moment. I'll keep you posted!

Until tomorrow

Ps shout out to Bryony who tells me she keeps up with my life via my blog!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

#bedn- home sweet home

In my opinion, a house is not a home without a dog. My home is even more complete by our gorgeous cat too.
I'm going home in three weeks after 3 months of being away, I can't wait!
First things first? Cuddles with my boys!

Rufus Is a Hungarian vizsla, he's soppy and a complete mommy's boy. He likes to try and fit as many toys in his mouth at once and doesn't know his own strength. He loves jumping up to give hugs and I'm pretty sure he thinks he's a small dog! How handsome is he?

Louie is our working cocker spaniel, he does a bit of work! Mum got him in my first year of uni so we didn't bond straightaway but I love him now! He loves cuddles, acts like every day life is an adventure and his back legs stop working when he gets too excited! It's not the best photo of him but it's one of few photos where he's still!

Alfie is our wonderful fat, cat. Since moving into our house two and a half years ago he's become a hunter and regularly brings rabbits in! He's not much of a lap cat but heaven forbid you ignore him when he wants attention! He likes to share your bed, but again on his terms! Ie him slap bang in the middle and you contorted around him! As you can see in the picture he get himself into odd places!

Are you an animal fan?

Until tomorrow

Monday, 25 November 2013

#bedn- one month til Christmas!

Oh I don't know what's happening! This is my third attempt at posting this it keeps getting deleted :-(

Anyway, welcome to day 25! I'm SO excited! Today I gave my mum her 3 week warning so my room will be ready (and the rest of the house will be moved out of it!) when I return home!
I've already eaten wayyy too many mince pies (I'm rating Tesco*) and started wrapping presents.
One of the first and best things I found on pinterest is 31 ways to wrap your crap.
Before this I thought of wrapping as something that just got torn off now it's an art form!
So I've been stocking up on tree decorations, mini baubles, ribbons, stickers, washi tape  and the most amazing newspaper style wrapping paper which cost about 21p on eBay!
Here's an example of one I did last week, it's not quite finished it needs a bit more embellishment! Can you guess what it is?

How are your plans coming along?

Until tomorrow

Ps I'm also excited because my friend has asked to do a guest post on this blog! I feel like a proper blogger! Look out for that next week

Sunday, 24 November 2013

#bedn - Motivations

Ooh tough topic!
Want are my motivations?
This year is all about me working for a first in my degree. Unfortunately right now I'm not motivated. But starting tomorrow I'm working to a new study timetable (and people are welcome to keep me accountable to that!)

Otherwise, I want to make a difference!
I want young people to know how wonderful and special they are!
I want young people to know that at least one person believes in them!

For more on my motivations see my Youth Work blog here

Until tomorrow

#bedn- date night

I'm slipping, this one is late... Again!
Date night hey?
When I first wrote this down I thought this would be one I skipped!
I'm currently single so I can't say I spent last night on a date. I actually went to a banquet/80s disco at church with my best friend (who's a pretty good date actually!)
I decided to talk about some good and bad dates I've been on!

The Good:
I went on a date in the summer: a meal, then onto Bournemouth pier to go on the rides and play on the amusements! I had SO much fun!
And the sweetest thing was he paid for everything! Now I'm not a gold digger but I mean... We went to asda and I needed mouthwash (impacted wisdom teeth. Attractive) and he paid for that! Adorable!

The bad:
I went on a wonderful date with someone I'm still friends with but as he was driving home he got caught speeding!! By a police women holding a camera. So he got pulled over and I had to sit in the car whilst the paper work got filled out. Awkward! But also very funny! Least I can't say I'm a cheap date!

The awful:
I met a lovely guy through a friend on a night out. We met for lunch and it was excruciating! We had nothing to say to each other! He genuinely asked me.. "so... Do you like stuff?" like, you KNOW it's bad when you get asked that! Needless to say, we didn't go out again!

So that's a brief round up of some of my memorable date nights!

Until tomorrow (nope, 10mins time... Again!)

Friday, 22 November 2013

#bedn- leaving on a jet plane!

Since I'm doing two posts today I thought this would be a photo post!
Here are some photos of my most recent holiday in Greece, Crete!
My dad and stepmum own a plot of land out there and are in the gradual process of building on it!
It was a wonderful, relaxing holiday in the sunshine!

Enjoy the pictures.
Until tomorrow

#bedn- national television day

Is it ok to post about a national Day a day late?
Hope so!

I'm going to talk about what I always cite as my mastermind subject: one tree Hill!
Anyone who knows anything about me knows I'm obsessed with this show but also that it's dangerous to get dragged in to watching it (it's usually on in our house) because you will get hooked!

Ok. So it's kinda teen drama / unrealistic at Times but I love it. They cite some wonderful wise words and I completly relate to Brooke Davis:
Funny. Intelligent. Kind-hearted. Strong-headed. Simple. Complicated. Motherly. Childish. Tough. Sensitive. Beautiful. Way cooler than she was in high school.
Ok. So it doesn't all relate but she goes Dr being this sensitive but slightly messed up high school involved with all the wrong girls to a successful, beautiful young women who... *Spoiler* gets the boy and the baby!

She gives me hope. And Sophia Bush who played her is a wonderful woman! She is a human rights activist and an advocate for female education! Wonderful!

So, there is only one tree Hill.

Until tomorrow (ok about 10 mins when I write today's post!)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

#bedn- it's only fashion baby!

I am SO excited for this post because I'm such a wannabe fashion blogger! 
Below is a picture of my newest item. Isn't it beautiful?
I got it for £5 from little red vintage I'm Liverpool, they had everything for £5 on Saturday! Amazing!
So it's grey with silver threading throughout so it sparkles a bit and has black detailing!
My only issue is its a bit difficult to style! So I need you help!
On Sunday I wore it with a grey vest top and black tights underneath and over the top a baggy silver and black 80s jumper so you could just see the shorts!
It looked cute!

But any other style advice is welcome? It's too baggy on top so definitely needs a hiker underneath!

Until tomorrow

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

#bedn- Newsflash

It was too tempting to focus this blog on the article making it's way around social media about the guy from Manchester who went for a night out in Oldham and woke up in Paris because that is my favourite story of the day (I am definitely taking my passport and annual pass for Disney out with me next time I go out). However, I decided I'd be a little bit more educated and talk about sex!
It was inevitable at some point in this challenge that I hit on youth work and sex. For those who don't know I'm in my third year at university studying Theology & Youth work- as part of this I'm undertaking a placement for a charity called Chester School's Christian Work and I'm a trained sex and relationships educator. 
It's one of my biggest passions and sometimes people need to shut me up because I will talk about STIs and such at the most inappropriate times. Sorry, not sorry!

So, I thought I'd talk about last week's call to lower the age of consent. You can find a video and brief overview on the story : Here.

But in summary,a leading public health expert: Professor John Ashton (strong name) is calling for the lowering of the age of consent (which is 16) because countries which have a more open attitude towards sex and a lower age of consent show signs of young people getting involved with sex later on and lower teenage pregnancy rates. The Prime Minister has rejected this call. 

I'm not very political, but I have to say I'm in agreement with David Cameron right now, but actually I also agree with John Ashton (fickle? me!) 

I don't think the age of consent should be lowered, because I don't think it's necessary. 

The second National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal 2000), which included over 11,000 men and women aged 16–44 in Great Britain, found that:
  • the average (median) age at first heterosexual intercourse was 16 for both men and women
  • nearly a third of men and a quarter of women aged 16–19 had heterosexual intercourse before they were 16
(Statistics taken from Here).

Ok, so people ARE having sex before 16, I'm not naive. But, I don't think that's the real issue. But, I DO think the real issue is what Prof John says at the start of his argument: we aren't talking about sex enough!
You know the phrase education is power? Yea, it's true! 
If we educate young people from a young age than they have the power to make decisions and also if they are going to have sex before the age of consent then hopefully they'll be educated in the risks related to sex and know how to use contraception! 

We recently had Romance Academy in Chester doing a "Let's talk about sex" roadshow which was to help parents to talk to their children about sex and what really came out about it was the importance of openness and giving the opportunity to talk.
Also, I really do think GOOD sex and relationships education in schools (focussing not just on the biology but also on the emotional side) is super, super important. For one, it's slightly less cringe then parents doing it (we're not teachers either, so in theory the young people see us like once a year!) but there does need to be a cohesion between teachers (or educators) and home. 

so, sorry prof. but I don't think the age of consent will change anything BUT I do think good education will make a big difference.

Tomorrow will be less serious.

For more youth work stuff check out my other blog: Here

Until tomorrow. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

#bedn- clothes challenge

I know I said I'd try and stick with the given topics but I didn't know where to go with anti bullying and I really wanted to do this post. I hope you'll forgive me.

At the start of October I challenged myself to not buy new clothes until Christmas. Instead, Instead utilising eBay, charity shops and vintage shops and fairs. Partly in an attempt to save money but also because I don't really need to buy brand new clothes (apart from some things like... Underwear!)

So far, so good. The only things I've bought new are trainers for running  (yea... I'm that person!) and some fancy dress items!

Below is a picture of most of my eBay purchases!

First of all, it's obviously not all clothes! As you can see eBay has fuelled my filofax addiction and 2 of them are missing! One was in a different bag and the second I already sold on!

Also, I have a gift wrap obsession hence the christmassy stickers and some of the other stickers are for filofax decorating!

Finally the clothes!
That beautiful tweed trench coat at the back? I accidentally set fire to it on my friends candle! Devastated!

But also, can we discuss those black jeans? I'm in love! I put them on today and they are perfect!
Like most girls I'm not an off the peg shape! Iv got tiny hips and waist plus a pretty big bum, skinny, long legs (despite being only 5 ft 4) but these fit beautifully! I'm so happy! Especially as they were 99p!!

So what next?
I'm desperate for a sparkly dress for Christmas parties!
And I need running clothes ( I can't believe I'm that person!)

Oh and probably more gift wrap stuff!
Stay tuned for that!

I've also got some wonderful vintage buys but that's another post!

Until tomorrow

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Andddd relax #bedn

Seems apt that I write this as I'm "relaxing".
I kinda talked about this in a previous post on stress so I don't really want to repeat myself.
Currently I am drinking tea (milk, 2 sugars and very hot!) and watching One Tree Hill ( as if anyone would expect anything else).
I also bought two new books today so I'm very excited to snuggle up under a blanket and read (I wish uni reading was so tempting!)
Between illness, sleep deprivation andu car breaking down last week was pretty horrendous and a write off! So im determined this week I will work hard!

But if I could relax in any way right now? I'd run a nice hot bath (one of my most missed home comforts whilst at uni), a cold glass of wine and a good book! Bliss!

How do you relax?

Til tomorrow

#bedn- hobbies

This is a quick post with 5 mins to spare because I'm determined not to be behind another day! (I didnt write this on the train because my battery died and I didn't know the topic anyway! Doh!)

I feel like I'm one of those people who will have to lie on their CV  because I have no hobbies!
But I guess that's not strictly true.
I am part of The University of Chester's event society, in fact I'm on the committee. I'm the "communications officer" so I deal with the emails, writing of minutes but also social media! Which I love! We're gearing up for the light switch on this Thursday in conjunction with the council which is very exciting!

Otherwise, I've just taken up running, in an effort to be more fit! In order to have a purpose for it I'm signing up for the Chester half marathon but before that I'm starting with the coach to 5k app and my first one last Thursday didn't write me off. So far, so good!

And finally, there is pinterest! Today someone in Liverpool was saying they're setting up a pinterest society at their uni! Why am I not president of this?!?  I LOVE Pinterest and all the crafty, foody, wedding and home goodness it has to offer! Follow my board: lmgeorge92

Until tomorrow (well, today! Hey! I'm only 2 mins late!)

Saturday, 16 November 2013

#bedn- favourite folk

Halfway point and I'm getting lazy. As punishment I'm posting two posts in one day today!
It just so happens that I'm with one of my most favourite people (ok probably my most favourite) as I write this. I'm using the train journey to and from Liverpool to insure I'm completely up to date!

I've talked about my family a lot in previous posts so of course they're on my list of favourite folk but they won't star in today's post.

After that this post could be very broad. I am very blessed to have lots of really great people in my life who are all my favourites (some more then others obviously)

But I decided to talk about my housemates today!

I live with three wonderful girls!

Jess- Jess has been my best friend since some point in first year. She's a crazy, dramatic ginger  who makes me laugh a lot- partly because she comes out with the daftest things!
She is so wonderful! She knows just about everything about me and is my first point of call when I'm low!
Living with her is a lot of fun (even if she takes forever to shower!) she also has an excellent DVD collection and we have far too many similar tastes!

Mayen- I didn't know Mayen that well before we lived together. But I love spending time with her. Again our tastes are simular: we both love pinterest and addictive games for our phone! She also doesn't ask now if I want tea she just grabs my mug and makes me one- that's the sort of person you want to live with!
Oh and of course she put my "godson" Ronald the hamster into my life.

Baker- I lived with Baker (Sarah) last year and love living with her again! Her similarities to Sheldon Cooper both infuriate and amuse me. But she's also the wisest person I know and so in tune with what Jesus is saying! Plus, there aren't many people who I can watch repeats of one tree Hill with despite watching the same episode 19 times!! Look out for us on Pointless one day ;-)

So that's my wonderful housemates!

Eugh someone has just got on the train stinking of cigarettes! Grim!

Until tomorrow (well later today)

Thursday, 14 November 2013

#bedn- world kindness day

I started this post then lost focus so it's a little late!
My new bed time seems to be 3am (not unfortunately out of choice because I'm out partying or something!) Last night my body wanted to sleep, my brain? Nuh uh! (I promise this is relevant to today's title!)

So my brain was in overdrive, stressing me out and reminding me of stuff I'd rather forget. Then I tweeted these lyrics:

"someday I'll be living in a big ol' city and all you're ever going to be is mean"

Oh Taylor, writing about my life again. Except you probably guessed from yesterday's post I'm more of a country girl than a big city!

But it got me thinking- so often we are held back by people being mean. It takes like 7-10 compliments to over ride 1 insult! And women are notorious for this - to quote an American politician  :
" when men lose an election they blame the voters, when women lose they blame themselves". Why are we so quick to believe bad stuff about ourselves and let it effect us?

For me? It's believing that because so and so was mean and didn't treat me well history will repeat itself. Especially when it comes to dating. I write guys off as bad before they've even stood a chance!

So this world kindness day I pledge to believe in kindness! To remember the good stuff and whilst I don't intend to become naive I no longer want mean people to dictate my present and future.

Anyone want to join me on this?

Until tomorrow

P.s. A special thank you to my KIND housemates who've looked after me whilst I've been unwell this week. You guys are amazing!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

#bedn- home town

I'm feeling lazy today, I've had sick Day off uni and typically I wrote the start of this blog and it didn't save! So that's frustrating!
So very sorry but this is a lazy post, of photos of my hometown: Bournemouth!

Also, I'm crazy homesick so probably best I don't write too much! 5 weeks to go!

So here's some photos. Beautiful hey?

Until tomorrow

Monday, 11 November 2013

#bedn- remembrance

At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. We will remember them.

The more I think about remembrance and the further away we move from 1918 the more I think we need to ensure we talk to our veterans. My Great Grandpa died before I was born  but my great uncle lived until a few years ago and I wish I'd asked more questions. I've said before the more we learn from the past  the less we risk repeating it and thank goodness!

Today marks 7 months til the start of my American adventure and I was trying to decide if it was ok to be excited on a day like today? It's like when someone dies and you wonder if it's ok to be happy? Or laugh?

But then I thought about what my great Grandpa fought for and those alongside him. Freedom and hope. So surely a good way to remember them and pay respects is to make the most of life? TO see the world, make friends and become educated.

So today and everyday thank you to our troops (and our allies) those that fought and continue to fight may we live a life worthy of your fight.

Lest we forget.

Until tomorrow. 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

#bedn- something different

I really wanted to do an outfit post for today but I forgot to take good photos of yesterday's outfit so they're all a bit fuzzy! See below:

So instead I decided to talk about my filofax and how I set it up!
I have a pocket sized raspberry coloured finsbury which I've been using since the start of this year (a Christmas present)

Until very recently it was my only filofax so I use it for everything. This is the set up:

In the front of the diary I have the transparent flyleaf (which I recently found out is good for sticky notes). Behind this I have one sheet of note paper for random scribblings! Then the diary (one week on two pages-I wish I had more room!!) which has a to do sheet in the middle to write daily/weekly tasks.

At the back is more note paper, a financial tracker (which I never use. Oops!) and a full A-Z address book! Et voila.

All divided up by dividers made with my own fair hands!
In the front pockets I have spare sticky notes and important cards and in the plastic wallet at the back I have spare dot stickers and a ruler as well as spare heart stickers hole punched next to it (for decorating purposes!)

It's almost perfect for my needs as a student (and some time recruiter). But now I've got a personal size for 2014 it will probably change a bit!

Because I'm using my phone my photos are all grouped at the bottom (sorry about that) but hopefully you get the gist.

Feel free to ask about the outfit too!

Until tomorrow!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

#bedn- blog chat

First of all, a massive thank you to my wonderful family and friends who have been religiously reading my posts each day and for your wonderful comments.
Mum, this is from my laptop, so there should be less spelling mistakes, I hope!

So, blog chat?
I don't have a lot to say about my own blog. It's just a mixture of my ramblings that I started whilst on my gap year. I also write a youth work blog which can be found: Here!

Instead, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite blogs, so, here goes:

 photo TSR_zpsb7e2a08b.gif

I genuinely consider Tara and Jade as friends now. Not only are they crazy beautiful and stylish (with amazing advice when I can't decide on clothing choice!) but they're also the sweetest ladies! Their blog is award winning (ooohhhh) and beautiful, with competitions! Besides, they promote the idea that leopard print is a neutral, need I say more?

Esther of Dear Friend is a dear friend (see what I did there! Heh!) not only is she beautiful and gracious with a lovely husband. But she's also creative, thrifty and adventurous. Check her out. 

Now, that's pretty

I discovered this recently, Ally is really lovely, down to earth and creative! it's nice to find another student blogger as well. Her instagram is pretty amazing too. 

Pretty Confused

Another recent find, I LOVE British blogs. Alice blogs about her gorgeous dogs and charity shop finds, which just so happen to be two of my favourite things. Plus, she's so, so lovely and has beautiful pinterest boards.

So there we go, sorry this post is a bit sparse. But my laptop is slowwww (it's like 5+ years old, bless!) and I'm trying to figure out The Hunger Games! 

Until tomorrow.

p.s. Mum, how's my spelling?

Friday, 8 November 2013

#bedn- a day in the life

When I wrote this title down in my filofax I knew it'd be a difficult one! As a student with an ever changing time table there isn't really a standard day but here's a rough idea!
If I don't have a 9am lecture, I try and get up around 9am (I know this is late by many standards I'm making the most of mydat few months of being a student)
First thing on my agenda is tea, did I mention I don't function without it?
Then I do all the bits that would cause procrastination later: games on my phone, Facebook, Twitter, pinterest etc.
A write a to do list to try and focus my day then try (recently really unsuccessfully to get it done. I can't focus for too long so I tend to break it up with small tasks: shower, washing up, tidying, a game, phone call etc.
Recently I've been trying to get in to the habit of treating my studies like a job so working from 9-5 ish then stopping for the day! (again varying success).
My day tends to be broken up placement or lectures depending on what I've got going on!
And the evenings? Socialising! With my housemates or other local friends, watch tv, check pinterest and blog.
I go to bed around 11 but rarely sleep much before 1.
I hope some of the other entries are more structured!
By this time next year (to the week) I'll be a graduate so perhaps if I did this post again it would have more routine!

How was your day?

Until tomorrow

Thursday, 7 November 2013

#bedn - 10 things

This one is a quickie! A combination of not sleeping last night, a heavy Day of training and a big meal means despite the early hour I am ready for bed!
So 10 things I love: (in no particular order)

1. Tea- hot and sweet (like my men) seriously, I don't function without tea. You know I'm ill if I turn down tea (or I'm on the vino). I mainly rely on a whole lot of tea and a whole lot of Jesus!

2. Moving smoothly into: Jesus! I am constantly in awe of his love and amazed by Grace! Without getting preachy I genuinely mean that I regularly can't comprehend how he could love someone like me. Truly amazing!

3. Being part of a big family - we have our differences and our difficulties but I wouldn't be without my huge family (7 other siblings) - my parents  (biological and step) are hugely supportive, my grandparents wonderfully inspirational and my siblings are just amazing- seriously, the 7 of us have the potential to change the world! I'm so proud of that!

4. Being a twin - I doubt the rest of my family would be offended by Chloe getting a special mention. This girl is my soul mate and best friend. Its not just I can't imagine life without her it's that I refuse to accept its existence! No-one makes me laugh the way she does. And o mean crying with laughter over something no-one else would understand!

5. Vintage clothing- actually, just the whole concept of vintage. If we learn about the past we try to insure we don't repeat their mistakes. But superficially, the clothes are amazing! And you can almost guarantee a piece no-one else will have! I just wish my mum had kept her clothes from 80s- it'd save me some money! 

6. Weddings - I really do love a good wedding! Thank goodness for wedding blogs and pinterest! I just passed a very basic wedding planning course, I don't know if I'll ever use it but I hope so! Let me know if you require my services!

7. Learning - much as I battled through school and occasionally wish I hadn't come to uni I love learning! I'm fascinated (if slightly out of my depth) by my new module this year and love attending training sessions! I hope I never stop learning, honestly!

8. Youth Work - you'd have to read my other blog ( to know this is something I've learnt to love again recently! But I do, my heart is for a generation of Young people who I pray grow up surrounded my adults who love and support them! And I hope yoe be one of those adults!

9. Travel- I only got the travel bug recently after a trip to Ghana in 2011 but I am desperate to explore. I've been lucky this year to see Paris and Crete and I'm saving for an America road trip next year but that's just some of the list!

10. Writing - this one is vague! I'm actually a bit of a traditionalist whilst I love technology my mobile and Twitter especially I also love writing! Ive recently bought some beautiful notecards and started writing letters again (incidentally check out:( but also why I'm an advocate for the filofax!

There is so much more I could list! But sticking to 10. Earlier in my blog I wrote a fuller list so feel free to check it out!

What does your list look like?

Until tomorrow

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

#bedn- national stress awareness day!

Say what!??
Excellent topic no idea what to say!
I don't really desk with stress well, hence my compulsive need to be organised (see blog post: organisation 1.0)
But if I do I'm beginning to find things which help:

Drinking tea (not that I need an excuse)-milk two sugars and hot as possible! And actually taking the time to drink it, even if it's taking 5 mins out.

Talking it through- sometimes you just need a good vent right? I am very blessed with good friends who are prepared to listen!

Organising- if I haven't already done this!! Whether that's tidying my room or writing a to do list just feeling like I've got my head round it a bit!

Prayer- maybe this should have been higher on my list. But I do believe in a God who takes away all stresses and brings peace! Sometimes in the midst of stressing I need to rely on him more!!!

How do you deal with stress?

Til tomorrow

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

#bedn- bonfire night

Ooh I meant to write this earlier but its still 5th!
This topic is hard!
So I thought I'd focus on why I love bonfire night:
1. The weather- for the sake of fireworks I can totally put up with a bit of drizzle and cold! It just feels so great when you're chilly but can smell bonfire smell! We went to Chester racecourse fireworks on Saturday and it was SO windy but somehow when fireworks are in the sky it feels ok!!

2. The food and drink - it is totally the start of that season! Saturday we warmed up with my special mulled cider and hot mince pies (too early!?) but also I love toffee apples! And the weather means stodgy food! Pies and potato and yummy things!

3. The clothes- I love summer but one of the best things about autumn and winter is the wardrobe: getting hats on and boots, leggings etc. I am such a knit wear fan I have to dedicate a large drawer to it and I'm still running out of space!! I also have the cutest knitted head band which looks like a panda or something it's already made a debut this week but I think it'll be out a lot this season!

4. The atmosphere! Forget S.A.D I can't think of a time when fireworks don't mean a happy occasion! That's partly why I love them it means there's something yo celebrate (in this instance we're celebrating the death penalty of someone who commited treason but y'know... Details!)

5. Memories- some of my favourite memories are of fireworks And bonfire night celebrations! Whether that's memories of my late great uncle or hanging out with my twin, to a busy display during my year out in London even up to last weekend! Fireworks are fun!

And of course, as Michael McIntyre pointed out, now the last firework has fizzled out it means... CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!

Until tomorrow

Monday, 4 November 2013

#bedn- food glorious food!

Is everyone else just doing a much better job at bedn then I am?
Yesterday was an odd day! Plus I really struggled with the topic! I know we can move away from it but I'm trying to stick to them! Anyway it got to gone midnight and I decided it just wasn't going to happen!

Onwards, Day four!
I thought about writing about my favourite foods and recipes but actually I couldn't let this topic pass without mentioning Jess!
Jess Is my best friend from uni and she is currently undertaking a "food challenge" and whilst I rip it out of her a lot  and have decided to sponsor her to stop complaining! She is doing an amazing job raising awareness and money for leprosy mission! And like me, she's a huge fan of food so I can understand why it's difficult some days! Here's the overview of what she's doing:

popped into my head.

"What? I am going to be raising money for The Leprosy Mission, particularly for a village in South Sudan. I will be changing the food I consume to attempt to match how the people in South Sudan eat. This will be done in a controlled manner, with all my meals being balanced. I will be eating 2 small meals a day consisting of rice, vegetables and protein (cheese, nuts or quorn). I will only be drinking water and squash. I won’t be consuming anything else, no snacks, no chocolate, no crisps, no alcohol. I will, however, be having one day off each week just to top my body up with essentials"

To see more of Jess' journey please check out her blog:

And consider sponsorship on her just giving page! The money raised will go to leprosy mission and specifically a village in south Sudan!

Jess has also set a challenge this week: share a meal with friends! But a SIMPLE meal: rice, veg or fruit etc (see Jess' blog for details of her meals!) and perhaps donate the money saved to Jess or another great cause!

Until tomorrow!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

#bedn- something you made

So it's Day two of "blog every day in November" #bedn and today's title is: "something you made"
Yesterday I cheated and posted an archived post as my introduction! Today I'm cheating a bit: it's something I'm making!

I'm in the long process of making a rag rug! I started in like March and it's a labour of love! It takes a lonnnggg time and it's quite monotonous so I tend to do a couple of lines at a time! So it's taking a while but I can't wait for it to be done!

When it's done I'm going to blanket stitch the edges and then it will take pride of place in our student living room (assuming I've finished it before we move out in June!!)

Anyways, hopefully I can attach photos (this is my first blog post from blogger on my phone so it's a bit of trial and error)

Oh there we go!! I've done more since then so it's maybe 2/3rds done. Cute though? What do you think?

And see you tomorrow!

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