Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Life Is Precious

I've been away from the blogging scene for a while,busyness and laziness. eventually I'll get blogger set up on my Blackberry, then I won't be able to use the "never turn my laptop on" excuse.

But actually, this blog post is really hard to write...
Last week, my first week since moving back to London, was pretty up and down. 
It started on Monday with the funeral for a very close family friend who sadly lost her battle to cancer. The service was incredibly fitting to Sue and the poem, "Miss me but let me Go" was read, truly summarising Sue's feelings about the attitudes of those she left behind.

Unfortunately the week was followed with some tragic news about another friend and the limited amount of time they had left on this earth. Closely followed by the news of Amy Winehouse's early death and of course, the Norway shootings.

Obviously, only two of these events directly affect me, in that I know and grieve for those people. But i'm not entirely sure it matters. Naturally, if you have any sense of compassion, cancer killing a mother/wife/aunt/godmother/friend, the death of a 27 year old troubled and talented individual and the death of nearly 100 young people at the hands of one person, is tragic. 

But it got me thinking, anyone who knows me, will know that I am generally, a positive person. I haven't always been dealt the best hand, who is? and I do really battle with depression. But, generally, I can be optimistic  Except recently, I've been in a bit of a funk... for various reasons: a change of routine, a change of living, loneliness, other factors! But basically, I've been moping. Trust me on that one, or read my twitter!

Until, Saturday. When suddenly, it seemed illogical. I always laughed at the expression "life is short", it's obviously the longest thing we will do on this earth. So, it's not short to us personally, but... life is precious and life is fragile. That's an unfortunate fact.

So, why am I moping in a funk, crying over stuff that doesn't matter, wasting opportunities and getting angry at all the wrong people. When in reality, I don't know how many days I've got left.

I know this is said a thousand times, and I never really took it seriously:

But... It's time to dance like noones watching, sing like noones listening, love like I've never been hurt, forgive, laugh loudly, flirt outrageously, make mistakes but not regrets, hug tightly and kiss often.

I'm not being naive, I fully expect tears, disappointments, whatever else. But it's time to start letting go.
Making the most of stuff, walking on the beach on my own. because I can, and therefore I'll make the most of it.

I'm sorry this isn't the most poetic, inspirational blog, worthy of Martin Luther King or Churchill. But I hope you'll get my drift.

It's time to start afresh. and make the most of each and every breathe.

Who's with me?

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