Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Wedding Wednesday: Booking the Wedding Venue: How to Choose and What to Consider

Today the beautiful Olivia is joining us for Wedding Wednesday, to give her top tips on picking your wedding venue.

Once you get engaged, things have a very interesting way of quickly going from “congratulations” to “okay, when and where?” – and when this happens, you want to have your answer ready. Gone are the days when the couple could just go on and say “Oh, we still haven’t decided on the venue and all” because everyone needs to know months in advance what date they are saving for your big day. Hey, it’s the same everywhere – Sydney (where we are), the US, Europe – the wedding madness keeps spreading and we have to admit we kind of love it, no matter how stressful it may get.  
To speed up your organisation process and help you choose the space for your big day, we’ve brainstormed a list of tips that will definitely help.

Rule #1: Start logically

When you get engaged, you can’t immediately know the exact number of people that will be attending the wedding but you can ballpark. Given that these days booking a venue sometimes needs to be done about 12 or so months in advance, you want to go with a venue that can offer the space you may potentially need and a venue that’s flexible to potential changes. For instance, if you give a number of a 100 guests and it turns out 120 is the final number, you want a venue that won’t have a problem making any last-minute changes of such sort. When talking to your venue manager, ask if the situation we’ve just mentioned would be manageable and then decide accordingly.

Rule #2: Explore the offers close to home

If you plan on throwing a wedding on a budget, you should consider abandoning the extravagant version you’ve probably been designing at the back of your head and get realistic. Holding the wedding ceremony close to home doesn’t have to mean it’ll be any less spectacular than it’d be if it were held anywhere else. Don’t trust me? I’ve been going through some affordable wedding venues in Sydney just to be sure and we’ve got to say – the range of offers is spectacular, even when you are on a budget! Also, a wedding close to home will have a sentimental value to it and your guests will have it easier, too! It’s understandable that you’ll have guests coming from all over but sending them on an eight-hour car ride (or longer!) just to get to the wedding isn’t really a selfless thing to do, is it? So, make yourself a cup of coffee, set a plate of what’s left from your cake-tasting venture and start browsing through venues in your neighbourhood!

Rule #3: Find out if the venue is full service or not

If you don’t ask, you won’t know! Asking is a crucial process of organising a successful wedding, especially with such important segments like service, foods and drinks!
Once you pick your desired venue, talk to the venue manager about the services offered for the price. Most venues offer both kitchen and drinks, along with catering (waiters/waitresses). Plus, these days, venues are open to modifying their menus to agree with the couple’s tastes, so make sure you ask about that, too. Don’t be surprised if you are offered a wedding cake with the service as well, or at least a bakery that can make your cake. We understand that it might be a bit unpleasant to strip someone for questions, but this is your big day and you’ve got every right to do so!  

Rule #4: Ask if the venue comes with decorations

Leave guessing for lotteries and ask your potential venue manager anything you need to know, particulars like decorations included. Some couples love their venues relieved of any decorations so that they could do it themselves; others prefer having the option of an already decorated venue. Whichever one suits you, talk to the manager about the offers they have and ways they change the price.

These days it’s way easier to organise everything as there are a number of fabulous venue options and wedding planners available to couples that are to be joined in marriage. Choose your venue wisely and enjoy everything about your big day!

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