Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Living Life Unfiltered

Living Life Unfiltered

I currently follow 780 people on Instagram. Some are real-life friends, others have become friends, some are bloggers or slimming world members, some I follow for home inspiration or fitness.

I spend hours on Instagram, I'm not ashamed to admit that. But occasionally I do get jealous. I berate myself for my lack of aesthetic! Some people have these picture perfect accounts, a brand. All their photos in the same stunning filter, the beautiful flat lay, the ability to throw rose petals on to their kitchen side in an arty manner or make their morning porridge look like a work of Monet.

And I aspire to be like that. Editing photos, rearranging and retaking. Filtering and cropping, then despairing when it only gets a few likes. Telling myself to "curate" my profile so that it's all one style, with perfect tones and a colour palette.

I do envy those people, but I'm trying to instead be inspired by their photography. To learn how to use my iPhone better, to combat my shaky hand. But to still capture the real. The messy hair and untidy living room. The tasty, healthy meal that went straight from pan to bowl with little thought for anything except wanting to eat. The excited, frantic blue of my mum's cocker spaniel as he greets me after months apart. My inability to take a selfie I'm one hundred percent happy with. The one handed unboxing of my Birch Box because I am so excited by receiving post but I also have work to do! The reality.

Please don't think I'm criticising. I know one of my blogger followers personally and she really is that graceful in real life, I can fully believe her house is Homes magazine perfect. But I don't want people to look at my photos and think I'm faking it. 

I know the phrase journey is so cliched, but I want people to follow the ups and downs, the mess and chaos, the exuberant joy and the darkness. 

I want to live a life unfiltered. 

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