Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Wedding Wednesday: Shoe Trends for Spring 2017 Brides

Hellooo! The gorgeous Roxana is joining us again today to share some of the hottest shoe trends for all you lovely Spring brides. Which are your favourites?

Shoe Trends.png
Hello my lovely future bride. Your big day, just like spring, is right around the corner. Let’s check the list real quick. Let’s see: something old? Check. Something new? Check. Something borrowed? Yup. Something blue? Sure. But wait, something is missing... Wait, is it getting a little chilly down there? Oh, right, the shoes are missing! Don’t worry, you are at the right place – a shoe fashion report is here.

Something blue

Make your walk down the aisle a little bit more fun by adding controversial blue shoes to your wedding outfit. Not only this colour will be a huge hit, but also, it is a very practical thing to do since you will solve the “something blue” issue.
blue shoes.jpg

Lacy shoes

Always trendy and always beautiful. If you want to add that boho – vintage touch to your ceremony, lace shoes are perfect for you, especially if you have some lace details on your wedding gown. However, if it is entirely made of lace, you should skip these.

Where are they?

Since nude shades have already become quite common on the fashion scene, it is nothing strange that this trend has spread on the bridal fashion as well. Depending on your dress, you can opt for either beige or ivory wedding shoes. One thing is certain, these will match every outfit for sure.

Like a bird

Yes, I’m talking about shoes with feathers. As you know, Jimmy Choo decided to embrace the feather comeback movement in this year’s Bridal Collection for 2017. They are luxurious, extravagant and really have that Carrie Bradshaw vibe if you ask me. If I get married this year (fingers crossed) these are definitely going to be on my feet. Fashionista bride at its finest.


These evergreen shoes will never go out of style. They just keep getting better and better every season. We love them because of their comfort and minimalistic look that suits almost every wedding dress. Now, they have been given a new life and some time to shine.

Pinned ones

I’m sure that you’ve heard about the site called Pinterest. Of course you did. Well, if you ever surfed through this site, you have probably seen “shoes with million pins”. It looks like they came straight out of a fairytale with their zircons, stones and luxury heel details. They are probably the most favorite shoes among brides, and now they have officially become the trend. From floral ornaments, over angel wings to just plain beautiful embellishments, they are perfect for brides who want that unique style and amazed expressions on their guests’ faces.


Flowers are a huge deal in 2017, not just in shoe fashion, but in clothing fashion as well. Wedding shoes are now enriched with floral printed fabric, floral appliques or like I already said in the previous paragraph – floral embellished heels. Regardless to your style, you can never go wrong by adding some more flowers to your bridal look.


Who said that just a hubby can wear a bow? They are so cute and so fun, in other words – perfect bridal shoe accessories. Which husband wouldn’t want his wifey wrapped up like a super stylish present?

Go bold

If you are not into traditionalism, I have great news for you. Brides can now choose coloured shoes which will match their overall wedding colour scheme. You can opt for pink, blue, purple, red, green etc. – any colour you want actually! One thing is certain – your outfit will turn heads (wink).

Laser cut

They entered the world of fashion quietly, and conquered our hearts completely. The entire shoe is made of a laser cut material which gave it the perfect and unique design – one of a kind. If you usually focus on details, this is a perfect pair of wedding shoes for you.


Winter of 2016/2017 filled with sequins and tinsels really left a mark on our dear designers, because they aren’t letting this go in spring 2017 either. No one – and I really mean no one, can resist their Cinderella moment urge once they try these on, or see them sparkle from a shoe store window. It is like they say: with us you will fly on the cloud of happiness straight into a world of fairytales.

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