Friday, 25 November 2016

The Perfect Holiday Bra Quiz

One of the best bits about blogging is that I get to be involved in some truly weird and wonderful projects. So when ThirdLove asked me to take their "Perfect Holiday Bra" quiz and share it with you alongside an exclusive discount (oooohh!) I couldn't very well say no, could I?

So what IS my holiday personality and as a result what bra should I wear this Holiday?

I got: The 24/7 Classic T-Shirt (memory foam cups, whatttt?)

"You take the naughty or nice approach very seriously seeing as how the holiday season is what you live for. With all the baking, shopping, and party-going you'll be doing, it's essential to have a supportive sidekick who's virtually imperceptible. That's where our classic T-shirt bra comes in"

Well, they couldn't have got me much more down to a *hem* Tee (groan, sorry!)

What about you? Take the quiz and let me know what your holiday personality is?

Looking for a new supportive holiday sidekick? Keep reading for an exclusive discount!

Third Love Holiday Bra Quiz

Here is the exclusive promo code for 15% off all orders at ThirdLove use the code: TLNOVBB15.

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