Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Chester Places: Hopper Coffee Chester

As I write this, Hopper Coffee Chester has just reached the number 1 spot of Tripadvisor's "coffee and tea places" in Chester and after our visit on Saturday it's easy to see why.

I was enticed by to visit by this adorable picture they posted on Instagram on Friday morning. In fact, it made want to rethink my journey into work every morning just so I could swing by for a hot cuppa on a dreary morning. 

Hopper Coffee Chester
Source: Instagram

Instead, we took a quick pit-stop here on Saturday. Like a lot of coffee shops in Chester, Hopper is small, with enough seats for about 10 people (and you'd probably want slightly less to feel comfortable). But what it lacks in size it makes up for in coziness and atmosphere. The greeting was friendly without being over personal/perky and the service was swift. Because I'm a bad tea blogger I gave in to my cravings and ordered a hot chocolate which was lovely and my personal coffee connoisseur/ husband, Andy, assures me his coffee was strong and with the added bonus of hot milk. It does mean I have an excuse to go back for a cup of tea now too.

Hopper Coffee Chester

The presentation was unfussy, and there was none of the hipster arrogance that I don't like in another Chester coffee shop which shall remain nameless! The menu is simple: coffees, teas, hot chocolate, syrups and a fridge of cold drinks and sandwiches. Perfect for any indecisive people! 

I can't mention Hopper without mentioning the gorgeous location: Godstall Lane. I think this might be one of my favourite bits in Chester city centre and seems to be boasting more and more of my favourite places. You'll find Hopper at the 'Superdrug' end, opposite The Botanist. 

Well worth a visit for a chilled out, cosy vibe. 

What's your favourite Chester coffee shop?

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