Monday, 12 September 2016

Grey & Blush Living Room Inspiration

Hello!! We have officially been in our flat well over a year and it's time to really start thinking about decorating it to get rid of the bachelor feel. I.e. the red wall in our bedroom and the wallpaper with a hole cut out of it in the living room (don't ask!!). 

We've nearly decided that the bedroom will be grey with silvers and pale blues (more on that another time) and although I haven't discussed it with Andy yet, I've recently fallen in love with grey, blush pink & gold for the living room. So please indulge me as I share some inspiration below, I promise to share the finished room when it's done! 

For reference, this is our sofa - the Denver from (yes, it is so comfortable) but we have the three seater, foot stall and arm chair instead of the corner set up:
Denver Sofa Sofa Store
We've said all along that we will change the cushions to fit whatever theme we go with, which gives me a great reason to go fabric shopping and get my sewing machine out so I can make some new grey, blush and gold cushions like the ones in the living room below. 

Grey and Blush Living Room

Clockwise from top left: Living Room / Swatches / Paint / Vase 

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