Monday, 4 April 2016

Review: We are Tea Simplicitea™ Infuser

Good Morning, Happy Monday.

As you may not know, I am currently giving away some pretty amazing We Are Tea goodies (you can enter here) and was feeling a bit jaded about giving away the amazing Simplicitea™ Infuser. 

we are tea

Then the wonderful people at We are Tea surprised me by offering to send me my very own!! (They're seriously the best) as well as some loose leaf tea so I could get started straight away.

simplicitea infuser

Saturday was the perfect opportunity to give it a go, I returned from a trip to town; wet, cold and in desperate need of a cuppa.

The instructions are simple:

simplicitea infuser

1. Add your favourite loose leaf tea We are Tea had sent me Gunpowder & ginger, not a flavour I'd normally go for, as you know, I'm an English breakfast girl but I actually didn't mind this at all! I have since bought English Breakfast as well 

we are tea

2. Add freshly drawn boiled water 

3. Leave the loose leaf tea to infuse I wish I could get a decent video of this to show you. The leaves dance!! Especially cool with the gunpowder as they unfurl as they infuse.. amazing

simplicitea infuser

4. Place on top of your cup or teapot  again, amazing, I spent a while working out how to pour it without getting leaves in my cup but you just place over a mug and the infused water trickles into your cup (or tea pot). 

I would say the infuser has a fill line for 125ml mug and then another line for a teapot - my mugs are obviously bigger than average as I am needing to top it up even once I've added milk, just a minor thing to get used to. 

I've never really drunk leaf tea before, despite having infusers, but I really love this infuser, it's quick (90 seconds) and easy to use, my tea seems to keep hotter for longer (I don't know the science behind that) and my only struggle is it seems a bit easier to dispose of a tea bag then clean the infuser out, but that's really laziness on my part!! 

There's still time to enter to win a Simplicitea™ infuser for yourself! 

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