Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Wedding Wednesday - Pre Wedding Treatments Timeline

Good Morning Brides to be!!
Happy Wedding Wednesday.
Today the lovely Roxana is back and is sharing some great pre wedding beautiful tips for your gorgeous brides to be. Enjoy! 

We can almost hear the sound of wedding bells, the dress is ready, but are you? Before stepping on the aisle there is a plenty of things to do. But, be aware that this is not the time and place to procrastinate, do not leave anything for a week before the big day. Your skin and hair would be grateful if you follow this schedule:
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Three months to go - get fit
Think about your figure, do you need to get fit or you just want to tone your body? Get off your sofa and do regular workout and consider eating healthy food full of protein and with a low level of carbohydrates. However, please do not look for extreme dieting plans, you do not need to torture your body before the wedding. Before my big day I practiced every day, so my workout consisted of 20 minutes cardio and after that I did Pilates, and the results were amazing. But, bear in mind that this cannot be left for the last week, you really need at least three months to improve your figure. And the effects will be amazing for sure! I myself had the problem with my arms which I wanted to be skinnier and more toned and in those three months I reached my goal so I could proudly wear a sleeveless wedding dress. And everybody complimented me on how fit I looked!
Two months to go – skin, hair and makeup
You definitely want a perfect skin that will look good in your wedding photos. So, you need to think a couple of months in advance. What you can do is take an online quiz about the type of skin you have and based on that buy products that will hydrate your skin. Moreover, if you have problematic skin that needs a bit more of a treatment than just day and night creams, now is the right time to try out an acne treatment. They can be crucial for your look, since acne leave scarring on the face that can be disguised with makeup for your special day, but, it’s much better not to look cake faced and plastered with makeup. Natural look is always the best.
Once you have sorted out your skin problems, we are going to tackle the matter of hairstyle. I know, I know, you are scrolling down Pinterest gazing in various perfect hairstyles and you cannot decide for yourself. But, you are not really sure if those would suit you. Why not try online makeover where you can upload your photo and see the results immediately? It helped me get the right idea what I wanted. And if you need to dye your hair, please do it two months before just to make sure it is ok, so you can repeat it again later if you want. Dying your hair couple of days before the wedding is a big no because God knows what may happen. You do not want to stress over hair, don’t you?
In addition to that, go for the kind of makeup you want. Visit websites that will inspire you and either learn the techniques of perfect bridal makeup or hire a professional. What I did was read a lot of wedding magazines and skim through various websites so eventually I tried to put on a couple of looks and decided to do it all by myself.
A month to go – final touch on skin and eyebrows
Get a body scrub treatment. So you fixed all the skin imperfections, but still the work is not done. Put on face masks two times a week and be sure that your skin will be flawless! Try out a nail color a few weeks before too.
Do you need teeth bleaching? If you are ashamed of the colour of your teeth as I were, consider buying a toothpaste that is said to be successful in bleaching and your mood and self-esteem will be over the moon before your honeymoon too.
Have an appointment at your beauty salon – let a professional take care of your eyebrows and wax anything you need waxed. You do not want to leave this task for the last week as your skin may be still irritated and you do not want everyone to see the red spots.

Your wedding will come sooner than you think so you need to finish all the tasks before it. Do not leave major ones for the final week. You do not want to experiment with skin, hair or makeup and let the bad results affect your mood and even the big day itself.
What are your top pre wedding grooming tips? Tweet me to let me know!

Monday, 28 March 2016

Twentea Something Tea Giveway

Hello, Hello!! 

I'm back! Unexpectedly the past few months have been really busy and blogging has taken a back seat but I'm back with loads of idea brimming and hoping to start posting regularly on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday. (although the Bank Holiday has thrown me out entirely!)

To celebrate being back and all things tea, I've teamed up with amazing, independent tea company , We are Tea for a giveway.

The winner will receive:

A caddy of loose leaf English Breakfast tea

A We are tea Taster selection- with a mix of yummy black, green and infusion tea bags 
A Simplicitea tea infuser (which is a wrench to giveaway because I want to keep it)

 For your chance to win, follow the steps below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions: The competiton is open to UK residents only and closes at 5pm on Monday 11th April.

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