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Wedding Wednesday- 5 All Time Best Wedding Locations

Happy Wedding Wednesday, Lovers! 

I am joined today by the lovely Roxana who has picked her top 5 wedding locations. If you chose to get married abroad, where would you pick?

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the wonderful places on different corners of the Earth where you can hold your magical wedding venue. Yes, it’s the month of love, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to plan a lavish, dreamy wedding. Even now you could find amazing deals for some of the best tropical destinations for your ideal summer-beach ceremony or you could plan ahead for a warm, romantic autumn reception. Take a look at our top choices and try to picture saying “I do” in any of these beautiful sites.

1.       Dubrovnik, Croatia
Starting off with a UNESCO protected gem, Dubrovnik would be our first recommendation for a movie-like venue. With its Old City center fantastically preserved it’s no wonder that this Croatian town is the top vacation destination for tourists around the globe. Do you like the hit series Game of Thrones? Well, the producers certainly liked this harbor town of the region called Dalmatia where they filmed most of the series due to the amazing landscape. If you are into a medieval themed wedding, take the Game of Thrones tour through the town and you might get a clear idea on what your venue should look like.

Flickr - Elena

2.       Sydney, Australia
Moving on down under, take a look at this Aussie treasure as a viable wedding location. With its majestic nature, rich cultural heritage and abundance of entertaining attractions, Sydney is the go to summer destination for large families as well as for newlywed couples. One of the best perks here are surely the wonderful beaches which make the best outdoor wedding venues in Sydney. Picture a long aisle running down to the very tide of the sea and taking your soul mate by the hand. Seems idyllic, doesn’t it?

Flickr - Sacha Fernandez

3.       Drakensberg, South Africa
If, for some odd reason, you dislike the idea of being wed on a hot, steamy day at a beach where you’ll probably get sunburnt and have sand irritate your feet, then head for the mountains! The Great Escarpment is the nest to this majestic wonder. Its name means “Dragon Mountains” in Afrikaans and it will surely take your breath away with its otherworldly landscape. Situated amidst the rough mountains, Drakensberg has fantastic green countryside oases, vineyards to die for and lots of interesting activities and sites to check out. This secluded site is for true adventurers at heart.

Flickr - Steve Slater

4.       County Clare, Ireland
Returning back to the seaside, we head to northern Europe and land on a fairytale-like sight in the province of Munster, Ireland. Ladies, if you ever dreamed of a princess-worthy wedding with a big castle in the midst of a vast, green field of grass, with horses galloping and bagpipes playing in the background – then Clare is the ideal spot for you. Provide your guests with the experience of a lifetime by taking them to archery lessons or an old-fashioned game of croquet on the lawn or start the party by tasting some of the best brewed beers in the world.

Flickr - Cord Cardinal

5.       Boracay, Philippines
Last, but most definitely not least, we head to the Philippines to discover the most prized and even award winning island of Boracay. It was dubbed the best island in the world by the international travel magazine Travel + Leisure in 2012 and to this day fascinates people from all over the globe. The perfect beach wedding reception takes a whole new dimension once you gaze upon the unrealistically beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise tranquil sea. This may be a pricey trip, but every cent will pay off once you and your guests give in to the healing wonders of the natural beauty located just a bit to the south of Manila.

Flickr - roger alcantara

Are you ready to say "I do“ to one of these fantastic destinations? Don’t hesitate, go plan the dream wedding that will praise the love you and your partner are celebrating.

Thanks for joining me today Roxana, beautiful choices. Which is your favourite destination? 

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