Thursday, 11 February 2016

February Goals

I really am getting worse at sharing my goal posts at the start of the month. I can't even blame a honeymoon this time. But, here we are.. nearly halfway in to February and here is my goals for the month.

First of all a recap of how I did for my January goals:

Lose 4lbs- I did lose 4lb, although due to a large gain (5.5lb over Christmas/Wedding/Honeymoon) this didn't make too much of a dent.I also gained 1lb afterwards and haven't weighed in yet this week. So.. I think I get halve a point for this one!1 

Reach 10k steps at least 3 times a week - 10k steps is actually a fair amount if you're in a sedentary job isn't it? I am trying to walk for half an hour over my lunch break, when I'm in the office. According to my fitbit I'm averaging 6,011 steps per day and I hit 10K steps a maximum of twice per week. So I think this is another.. must try harder!!

Declutter the spare bedroom - I actually have my husband to thank for this. Whilst there is still some decluttering to do I came home from babysitting one evening and the spare bedroom was tidy and reordered. He's a good egg!

Drink 1l of water everyday - Nope, I was doing ok with this but I keep forgetting to take my water bottle to work with me. Again, a must try hard.

Oops, so maybe we'll call January a trial?

So what shall I say for February? Well, I'll be writing a separate post about what I would like to be doing through lent, but here are my monthly goals:

1. Blog twice a week 
2. Lose 4lbs (and keep it off!)
3. Drink 1l of water everyday
4. Host a birthday blog giveaway

So, it's not an extensive list.. but since February is a shorter month & I'm posting this late I didn't want to go too mad (SMART goals and all that!!). What are you plans for February?

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