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Wedding Wednesday- Autumn Wedding Ideas

Happy Wedding Wednesday!! I'm joined today by Peter from High Style Life online magazine who's sharing his best Autumn wedding ideas.

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 When you think about it for a second, you will realize that autumn is the most romantic season of the year. Just imagine the golden, yellow and brown leaves dancing ballet while you are kissing your beloved one. And then you breathe in the air full of cinnamon as one for the first time. 

It is also the season when you can be innovative regarding the décor, theme, food and venue. Why be satisfied with the ordinary, when you can have a memorable wedding which everyone will want to copy? I’m sharing a couple of ideas. But do not be afraid to add your own twist to them. 

Embrace the Season

wedding wednesday

There is an argument for going overboard with autumn inspiration, starting with the decoration. If it is possible, perform the ceremony outdoor in some park or garden. Make sure the fallen leaves are not cleaned up for a couple of days. If the weather does not allow you to have an outdoor ceremony, just sprinkle the autumn leaves on the floor and on the tables. The best colours for decoration are olive green, purple, orange, burgundy, golden, bronze, brown, etc. These are also great choices for wedding outfits. The bride should wear beige and golden dress. Compliment the amazing décor with food. Opt for true autumn flavours, such as pumpkin, apples, cinnamon, winter squash, mushrooms and everything that smells like this season.

Get Inspired by Bollywood

Sometimes all it takes is to add a little brightness to the colours of autumn. One of the ways of doing that is to get inspired by Bollywood. A wedding venue that is inspired by India should be decorated with many colours. The dominant ones should be the colours of joy and success – red and golden. Especially conspicuous and big wooden chairs should be placed at the bride and groom table. Flower garlands are, of course, a must. The tables can be decorated with crystal candlesticks and floral arrangements.

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This kind of ceremony requires a specific dress code. The guests can choose from interesting Indian traditional attire, such as sarees, salwar kameez, kurtas, etc. The bride can go for the traditional red saree or opt for some special salwar suit. The food also has to be inspired by incredible India, so carries, rice, pulaos, daals and paans are a must.

Go Vintage

vintage wedding

Autumn has that retro charm and it would be a shame not to use it. We cannot see any better way to additionally elevate that charm, than by organizing a vintage wedding. Infuse it with some rustic feel, and you have got yourself a winner. Use yours and your family’s DIY skills to make long-stem bouquets and other decoration (galvanized flower arrangements for the walk down the aisle, wooden signs by the road, tin cans filled with wildflowers, etc).

The wedding dress should complement the theme, so the Cinderella look is out of the question. If you have to go all Disney about it, opt for Jasmine (Aladdin) or Rapunzel (Tangled). The groom can complement the look with a three-piece suit, a bowtie, or a tweed suit. The menu should be inspired by flavours of autumn. To add up to the vintage feel, food should be served on wooden or tin plates. Depending on the overall décor, opt for crystal or metal wine glasses.  Decide for some evergreen music to follow the atmosphere. We would suggest Frankie Valli’s “Can’t take my eyes off you” for the first dance. 

At the end, we advise you to add some personal touch, no matter which idea inspires you the most. After all, this is the most special day in your life. Never allow someone else to pull the strings when something is that important.

Thanks for sharing, Peter. Follow High Style Life for your daily lifestyle news. 

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