Sunday, 27 September 2015

Remember that time?

Remember that time I used to blog? I thought I'd try that again!!

I would give the usual excuses of being too busy in the real world but the truth is .. I've actually just been lazy. The last thing I've felt like doing is picking my laptop and typing away at my blog. So.. I've let it slide. But I'm back now.

So.. Hi, How are you? What is going on? 

Here's a quick life update from me:

I have started a new job for a company called GBG working in digital marketing. In fact, I got in trouble for mentioning in my introduction email that I had a blog and then not having it up to date. Ooppss. So Hi any colleagues who are visiting! 

So far I am really enjoying it.. the first week was just a blur of learning names, watching training videos, getting used to being part of a big company and generally figuring out a whole new experience but the last week I've really got stuck in working with our clients, generating emails to large databases (pressing "send" for the first time was terfiying!!) and I took my first practical exam in email marketing. So keep everything crossed for me!

Bournemouth wedding

Chloe and Duncan got married!!! I mean.. I think that needs a whole blog post in itself. As does her hen party. But it was the most incredible day, Chloe looked absolutely radiant. the sun shone. It was wonderful. The photos so far have been absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to see the professional ones. 

Our wedding plans are going well.. just 93 days to go!! Again, it's a whole post in itself which I look forward to sharing with you very soon. 

and finally.. I've got a really exciting giveaway planned for very soon. It's good to be back!!

So.. you go.. what is going on with you?? 

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