Thursday, 9 July 2015


If you didn't sing Samantha Mumba when you read that blog title then you need to stop reading and head to youtube! 

Anyway, Hi. How are you?

Ages ago I did a similar post to the one below and thought I'd share a little bit about what I've been doing whilst I've not been blogging:

Eating… This morning I had poached eggs and spinach on toast. Which took two attempts to make (I have a new egg poaching device!). Otherwise, cherries. Aren't cherries amazing?? 
Drinking… Tea, always! and I've started trying to drink 2l of water a day.With varying success. 
Missing…My family, I haven't been back to Bournemouth since April and I miss everyone. Also, my best friend Kate. It's a year since I flew home from America and that was with the thinking I'd be seeing her next month. Unfortunately we currently have no idea when I'll see her.  
Thinking… It's mostly been wedding plans, RSVPs, decorations etc. 
Thankful for… My fiancee, our new Church and friends. We spent a very enjoyable weekend celebrating our new friend Maria's birthday with lots of friends.  
Creating… I've not done a lot of creating recently. But I am enjoying using Canva some more. and I did make the following image for work.

Excited about… July & August. We have friends & family coming to stay for three weekends in July and then August is action packed with weddings, hen parties and friends. We also have a week off in August, I'm so excited for that!
Hoping… Hmm.. I've been a bit low about a few things recently so hoping that will pass. 
Watching… Fortitude- I can't quite get in to it. It's a lot of storylines and people to follow. Also Impractical Jokes, have you seen it? Andy is obsessed! 
Reading… Eeek. Nothing really. I have a list getting every longer including some for review! However, I have been listening to Harry Potter audiobooks. I reckon I've listened to about 40 hours worth and covered books 3-6.
Writing… Blog posts, as of today! 
Loving… Our lovely flat. It was so worth the wait. Also, now I'm 1 stone 2 lbs lighter I have definitely seen changes in my body which I love! 
What about you? What have you been up to recently?

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