Thursday, 11 June 2015


Oh friends, this time last year I had just arrived on the first day of my American adventure. Whilst this year is exciting, expensive and busy it isn't allowing for much of a sunny holiday and although those 5 days of annual leave I have left this year keep winking at me I can't see them being sent lazing by the pool anytime soon! BOOO! 

So, what better way to indulge my inner wanderlust then blog about where I'd be if I could! 

Twentea Something

Where are you dreaming of travelling to?

I watched "Walking on Sunshine" recently and it made me desperate to lounge by a pool, cocktail in hand but also get involved with a tomato festival. Now, in the film they were in Italy but I am reliably informed that "La Tomatina" actually happens in Valencia, Spain. I'm also reliably informed that being hit by a flying tomato hurts. But what's life without a little risk? 

I'm also longing to explore some more of Europe. There is a possibility of a weekend break at the end of the year in lieu of my hen party, so any suggestions welcome. But, if I had more time I would love to go inter-railing. I've spent far too much time recently ogling this map and planning exciting adventures across Italy, Spain and France. 

Finally, I am dreaming of long, hazy days on a beach. I'm missing Crete at lot at the moment and wish I was visiting with my family in September (plus, then I'd have a killer tan for Chloe's wedding too). 

Where are you heading this summer? Let me live vicariously through you please!
How shall I spend my five days of annual leave?

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