Monday, 15 June 2015

2015- The First Half

I can't quite work out if we are halfway through 2015 or nearly there but either way it seemed a good time to recap the last 6 months!


Our New Years Eve consisted of drinking prosecco and eating dominos with my mum, stepdad and nephew (he didn't drink prosecco, obviously.. he's four!) and then playing musical beds courtesy of a hyperactive and needy Jack Russell. We were confident that we would be moving at the end of January so we started boxing our life up and went to see our new flat again.


We celebrated my mum's 50th birthday in true family style- with a big disco and some yummy food! I spent the last weekend of January with my mum and two sisters in London: seeing the sights, indulging in afternoon tea and trying on wedding dresses. I bought THE dress. 


Our confidence in the flat move began to dwindle. We started at a new church, Vineyard 53 and felt instantly welcome and settled. I turned 23 and we celebrated with a nice dinner, champagne afternoon tea and a chippy tea- not that I'm a girl of simple tastes! 

As has become custom I spent the weekend before our birthday with Chloe- enjoying spa treatments and Greek food. 

We did not move house and I cried when I heard estate agency adverts on the radio!


We pulled out of the original house move and within a few days had our offer accepted on a new flat. I tried not to get too phased and stressed by it all! 

I'm sure March involved a lot more but I can't think what!! We got to know our new Church friends including our home group. There was probably dinner involved. 


We started April with a weekend in Bournemouth for Easter- beach walks, food (obviously), a bit of wedding planning. We also finished April in Bournemouth celebrating my nan's 80th Birthday with another family disco and food! Bonuses from this weekend included cuddles with my goddaughters, my make up trail and a meeting with our wedding florist. 

We didn't move house, and tried not to accept this as the norm! I decided I was officially a "tea blogger" when I was invited to a tea shop opening in Chester! 


WE MOVED HOUSE!!! It only took 6 months but it finally happened. We christened our flat with visitors for the weekend within 4 days of moving in- as well as hosting pre drinks for a hen party. We visited Willington Hall where we got engaged to have some engagement photos taken

I visited Surrey for a university friends wedding- this included an AirBnB stay, a jaunt into London to visit my older sister, nearly losing my toes in agonising shoes and passing out on a train in rush hour- all good fun! 

I started a slightly new venture at work which is both exciting and challenging. 


We started June with a visit from my best university friend and the wedding of our newest best friends from Church. We decided that we better get back to wedding planning because all of a sudden it's just over 6 months away. Eeek. 

I reached my slimmest weight since joining slimming world (this may have happened in May but June looked a bit sparse - which I guess it would since we're less than halfway through). 

and now on to the second half of 2015: 3 weddings, a trip to the Isle of Man, Andy's mum's birthday, Christmas & of course our honeymoon!

How has the start of 2015 been for you?  What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

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