Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Weddding Wednesday- What I've Learnt from Hen Party Planning

Happy Wedding Wednesday!! Hope your short week is flying by. Now the wedding might be the main event but every girl knows before that is the Hen party (or for some a whole weekend). Mary got in touch recently as she is currently planning a Hen Party and wanted to share what she'd learnt. I'm certainly looking for some tips as I'm planning Chloe's for August. So take it away, Mary!

As some people look at it, the last night of freedom! What can we do to make this fun I ask myself? For some ladies this involves drinking with all the girls at a bar or club, maybe even going for a weekend away somewhere hot. I want to share with you some of my ideas to create your brides perfect hen party.

To make things clear and easier you should create a list, writing down everything that you need to do and get prepared ready for the big event.

These things include:
What is the budget for the night?
The average cost of a hen do in the UK is now £157 per person, this is fairly pricey! We need to make sure we can bring this price per person down as much as possible so we can enjoy the night or the weekend and not feel ripped off with how much we are having to pay for it. Discuss within the group how much each of you are willing to spend and work around that.

What is the theme of the evening? Are you all dressing up?
Most ladies will like to pull out the tiaras with their veils and a big banner across their chest saying “bride to be” of course all in bright pink! I’ve decided to look on Pinterest for some inspiration of what to wear for a hen party, so if you’re stuck you know where to go. Your main priority should be what is the bride to be going to be wearing? As of course she needs to stand out. Is there certain items the Hen wants everybody to wear? Make sure this is discussed with her, unless she wants a complete surprise of course!

Where are you going to go?
A bar, a club? Or what are you going to do? A weekend away perhaps, riding across the shoreline, relaxing on the beach with a few cocktails? For less conventional, yet still extremely fun hen party’s you could use Oliver B magic who has even been able to amaze Simon Cowell, impressive! Sit around and watch his acts with a bottle of champagne. Other things include dance classes with companies such as seen on screen fitness who can provide different packages to suit you and your group best. If you enjoy the outdoors why not suggest a 2 day trail ride in the peak district with an overnight stay at a hotel close by. At £280 per person you really can’t go wrong; you’re bound to come back feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Make sure you get preferences from the Hen herself of what she would and wouldn’t like her hen night to include; don’t go ahead and hire a male stripper if she’s made clear she doesn’t want one! 

Throw ideas out there and see what everyone is most up for; but more importantly see what the bride to be really wants.

Thanks Mary, we look forward to hearing what you get up to! Have you ever planned a Hen Party? What are your top tips?

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