Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Twentea Something Visits.. The Botanist

I'm bacckkkkk. We are settled, unpacked and we have internet. We've even managed an Ikea shop.. buttt more on that another time! I took some time out from the house moving chaos last Monday to join some other local bloggers at The Botanist in Chester to taste their new menu and cocktails. Sounds good right?*

As you know, I LOVE The Botanist and have already blogged about visiting twice (date night, & North West bloggers meet up) so was very excited to see their new menu, sip on a few cocktails and meet some more bloggers. 

I started the night with a cherry daiquiri. There was some confusion when it was bought up as to whether it was cherry or raspberry.. either way it was yummy! 

Then we got down to the serious task of perusing the menu. I was a little sad to see my favourite chicken and mushroom pie has been replaced by chicken and chorizo (pesky red meat!) but there are still plenty of vegetarian, fish and chicken options. We ordered a lot of different plates between us to try. You can check out the food menu here. 

To start:

Salt and Pepper Onion Petals- Like onion rings but better and with sour cream. Basically, a combination of some of my most favourite things. 

Baked Camembert- Confession time... I've never had camembert before I don't think. I'm not normally a cheese person. But this was yummy and with crusty bread, always a winner. Perfect for sharing. 

Sardines in a Tin- Do you like sardines? I LOVEEE them and these were no exception. Topped on top of hot toast with a drizzle of hot sauce. Beautifully presented and so tasty. 

Pork Crackling- I didn't eat the crackling, obviously. BUT I did have the accompanying spring onion/chilli salad which was incredibbblllleeeeee. It was so fresh. 

And then:

Fish and Chips - The Botanist is designed to have a pub feel and what better pub food then classic fish and chips? Served with mushy peas in a baby wheelbarrow (too cute) and plenty of the Botanist amazing super seasoned chips (seriously.. I dream of this chip seasoning)

Chicken and Chorizo Pie- As mentioned above, I didn't try this but it looked as tasty at the pies I've eaten here before. Perhaps I'll get Andy to try it next time we visit and get you some feedback!

Lamb Tagine- Beautifully presented, I tried some of the pearl couscous and accompanying yoghurt. I can't say I was a fan.. but I guess couscous and yoghurt on it's own isn't meant to be impressive! There was lots of appreciative noises around the table!

Pan friend sea bass- Ok, If you visit The Botanist (and you should) and only order one thing.. order this! I adore sea bass and this was no exception. Beautifully presented, perfect portion size and served with picco de gallo and spinach. So good!

Malaysian Chicken Curry- Beautiful, fragrant, creamy and flavoursome. A winner. plus super fluffy rice. 

Chicken Hanging Kebab- Ok, if you visit The Botanist and only order TWO things you should order the pan fried sea bass and a chicken hanging kebab. Since eating this again last week I've been craving this. Perfect combination of chicken & veg with a yummy sweet chilli, ginger and garlic butter and of course.. the famous chips! In-cred-ible. 

Washed down with: 

Sugar Snapple Sour- I've been addicted to sugar snap peas recently so what better opportunity to enjoy more than in an amazing sour, appley cocktail. I could drink a lot of these very quickly! 

The Botanist has a great atmosphere including friendly staff, live music and loads of room which is really rare for Chester. They also have locations across the UK so it's worth checking to find your local

I also got to spend the evening with my beautiful friend Sarah and meet fellow bloggers: Wendy Like Food and Fradgley's Food for Thought

What's your favourite cocktail?

*I will never review anything which I don't think is relevant to my blog and I will always be 100% honest.

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