Thursday, 9 April 2015

This Weekend we Went to... Boston Tea Party

Do you ever find somewhere that you just know instantly you'll visit again? My first visit to the Boston Tea Party in Ringwood was like that. and I have been back, several times: with my sister, with Andy, on my own! I just love it there.

So, this Easter weekend saw us back in sunny Dorset and paying a visit to Ringwood (yes, for those keen Geographers, Ringwood is in Hampshire but it's right on the border and a mere hop, skip and a jump from my mum's house!) With it being a Bank Holiday weekend, this was of course.. second breakfast having eaten a rather disappointing fruit pot in an attempt to stick to slimming world (yeaaaa righttt) 

For those of you who have never visited this or any other Boston Tea Party, this cafe is quirky, indie and this particular one just keeps on going, seriously.. if you can't find a table just keep walking up the stairs! 


Since this was second breakfast it wasn't far off lunchtime so we decided to go for a light(er) meal. I ordered scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and toast and Andy ordered scrambled eggs on toast and we both had a milkshake (for once in my life I didn't fancy a cuppa!!) : I had white chocolate and Andy had strawberry cheesecake. 


My milkshake was really nice, with little bit of ice mixed in (I love ice!) but Andy was a bit disappointed with his, it started off not tasting of a whole lot but got better!

Salmon and scrambled eggs is one of my most favourite breakfasts ever and this did not disappoint. The toast was perfect and there was a perfect amount of salmon. The only thing which was a bit odd was the addition of tomatoes to the scrambled egg, I ended up scraping them away because I really don't like tomatoes! 


As always I was really impressed with The Boston Tea Party, the service is always quick, regardless of how busy they are, the food tastes lovely (although I might stick to juice or tea next time), there's free drinking water to help yourself to and the atmosphere is great.

Find your local Boston Tea Party here (they only seem to be southern at the moment, sorry Northerners!)

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