Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Wedding Wednesday- Update

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

I promised on Monday I'd update you on where we are at wedding wise so here we go:

Venue: Sorted. Still haven't seen it? Check out my Wedding Wednesday post for all the details. We're very lucky that our venue comes with the amazing skills of Bellissimo Wedding Planners who have been amazing at helping us with details including:

Chairs & tables: Our venue is a completely blank canvas which means we got to pick everything from scratch including chairs and tables. We have picked lovely silver banqueting chairs and long tables to form a U shape for our afternoon tea. I didn't realise it was possible to get so excited by seeing our chairs on Strictly Come Dancing.. but it is! 

Catering: We've met with our caterer and just waiting to officially sign the booking form. But I keep staring at the menu and wishing our wedding breakfast was right now! As I mentioned above we're having a lovely afternoon tea including finger sandwiches, little savoury pastries, cake and scones and of course.. loads of tea! We're hoping to get a tasting at the end of April and I can't wait! 

Dress: Ahhh. The dress makes me feel a bit choked every time I think about it! Obviously, I can't say too much because my lovely groom also happens to me a dedicated reader of my blog. But I will see it ties in with our art-deco/vintage theme and is not quite your average wedding dress (not that any wedding dress is ever average they are all magical!) 

Shoes:  Now I'm trying not to pay full price for anything for this wedding but these were the ultimate bargain. Bought in the sale, with a discount voucher my lovely green heels were only £10 and they're lovely. My mum is super impressed with me! Although, the dress actually looks rather lovely barefoot! Accessories: This is going to be a whole Wedding Wednesday post in itself, my beautiful friends Sophia is making all the hair accessories for me, my bridesmaids, my flowergirls and has made my mum's fascinator. This week I've seen the flower girl headbands and I am soooo excited for my veil!

Suit: Not to be outdone, Andy has bought the most amazing 3 piece tweed wool suit, I won't let him forget he's gone overbudget with it but I can forgive him having seen him in it! Accessories: We bought eight ties from Debenhams in January for our wedding party plus one to make pocket squares with. They are an absolutely perfect shade of green! Although Andy's groomsman did say this week "Green? Interesting.. not sure about that, we'll see" as if he gets a choice! 

Bridesmaid Dresses: Ahhh, my beautiful sisters. Even more beautiful in their green bridesmaid dresses from Phase 8! This was one of the first wedding related purchases and one of my favourites. Now to find the perfect silver shoes to go with them. 

Honeymoon: Now, Iceland was always the dream but we've put that off for a bit just for the sake of a budget. Instead we are going to hole up in a beautiful cottage in Sunny Cornwall and see in the new year sipping champagne in the hot tub. From what everyone says a bit of r&r is exactly what you want after your wedding! 

Photographers: Ah, not to be forgotten. We are super excited to have Matt & Esther photographing our wedding as they embark on becoming full time wedding photographers. It is a privilege to support our friends and have two such talented people taking our photos. Did I mention how excited I am for our engagement shoot in May?

Make up: I've booked my trail with the lovely, Tori for easter weekend. I got in touch via my mum only to realise after i'd send the initial message that we actually went to school together. I'm excited to see just how pretty I might look! 

Phew! I can't quite believe how much we've got organised and yet it still feels like there's loads to do (but also loads of time to do it in!). Thanks for sticking with me if you've read all the way down. What was (or is) your favourite part of wedding planning? 

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