Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Wedding Wednesday- Budget Calculator

Happy Wedding Wednesday my loves!

Now some aspects of wedding planning can be a little dull but essential. Every bit of wedding advice is "set your budget first" and there are loads of ways to figure this out. For me, it was the Hitched budget planner.. which promptly reset itself and lost all the data I'd inputted.. which was helpful! and then a pretty impressive excel spreadsheet my mum made up (two weddings this year.. she has to keep track somehow!)

So I was really excited when I was contacted by Lizzie regarding a new wedding budget calculator from Everyday Loans.

Simply answer a few simple questions and it generates a realistic and editable budget. Now, it was a little bit scary when they compare your budget with their estimated budget but I definitely noticed a few places where we've already saved money. 

wedding budget

wedding budget

To change the values simply double click which couldn't be simpler. I don't know how they work out the values but I would suggest they definitely ere on the side of over compensating. For example, the allowance for my dress is over double what I paid! It was pretty satisfying watching their recommended budget fall down. 

There were a couple of things I didn't like. For one, it seemed to miss some essentials of weddings i.e. cake. Which didn't matter so much for me because we're not paying for our cake ( a huge thanks to our friend Rachel and her generosity and talented) but seems like an essential aspect. Also, some of the questions weren't completely clear.. I didn't understand the rings question.. do some people really not have wedding rings?? 

Finally. you can share the budget on Facebook (which seems a bit invasive.. I felt a bit odd sharing my budget on here!) or with a friend but there isn't a way to save and edit it as you make choices and changes!

However, you can keep playing and start all over again which would be ideal if you're still in the very early decisions and weighing up your options and if you're not.. its like a fun quiz!

How did you keep on top of your budget?

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