Monday, 9 March 2015

Twentea Something- Life Update

Life Update

Hello Lovelies

Did you have a good weekend? 

I thought it was time to have a quick catch up, I've put the kettle on so curl up and let's have a natter. 

House// Ahhh. Remember back in November when we got our offer accepted on a house? and we were all ready to move in January/February? Well we've been living with boxes for weeks and chasing estate agents and solicitors. Finally it reached the end of February: plans had been put on hold, time off work had been pushed back and we were no closer to moving. So at the start of this week we made the choice to pull out and put an offer in elsewhere. I am soooo appreciative of Andy who had to make all the phone calls and negotiations but we have had our offer accepted, it is again off the market and hopefullyyyy we'll be in within 6-8 weeks all going well! Unlike with the original flat we do have to buy our own furniture.. which means we spent 4 hours sofa shopping yesterday. Being an adult is alll the fun! 

Want to see a sneak peek? Ours is the top left hand corner. Cute view right? 

Chester Apartment

I am currently too exhausted by the whole process and feeling a bit too burned by the original flat to get too excited about the prospect of moving but it is a really, really lovely apartment and I'm just trying to convince Andy that we'll have enough room for a dog! 

Wedding// We're officially getting married in less than 300 days now! How exciting is that? I'm going to do a full update soon on Wedding Wednesday but we are feeling very organised! In fact, I've reached a point now where we're putting off decisions and research because I don't want to have organised everything before May! We're having our engagement shoot in May with our wonderful friends & wedding photographers Matt & Esther.. I think I'm mostly excited to see them and I'm always excited for visitors in Chester. Plus, they're super talented! 

Slimming World// I've not lost approximately 11.5lbs in total and I'm nearrrllllyyyy at my stone award. I am finding the process frustrating.. mostly with myself. Since January I have been yoyoing every week: I lose 3.5lbs one week, the next week I gain 1.5lbs. I'm trying to stay focussed and on plan and remember why I want to lose the weight and get in shape. But turning down the slice of Tesco's Finest Sticky Toffee Pudding isn't always easy! I'm hoping tomorrows weigh in will be good and I'll feel more motivated by that! I'd like to be at my target weight by our engagement shoot but we shall see! I also went to an information evening about becoming a Slimming World consultant, it all sounds very exciting but I'm not sure it's quite the right time. I've added it to my list of possible future ideas! 

Fitness// We joined the gym together in the new year and we're currently managing at most 1-2 times a week and even then I've yet to manage the full 45 minute routine my instructor put together for me. But I remind myself I'm still doing better than nothing! I'm super paranoid about my arms and desperate to tone them up. But I find the gym boring and a bit intimating so I'm hoping to find a class, group, DVD, anything that'll motivate me and that I'll enjoy.. any suggestions are totally welcome!

Church// Ah, this is exciting. After a few months of soul searching and thinking I decided to leave the church I'd been attending intermittently throughout my whole time at Chester. I just didn't feel settled and neither did Andy. So we joined Vineyard 53 for their first Sunday morning service (they've been meeting mid week for the past year) and instantly felt so welcomed and at home, even to the point that I really missed attending one week whilst I was staying with Chloe. It's made me feel a whole lot happier about Church and getting back in to serving and I feel like Andy is asking lots of questions and exploring faith some more. We're also part of a small group of 20 somethings which is great for making new friends. It's a really exciting time. 

You know, I was feeling kind of blue as I started writing this, I've been feeling down this week but when it's all out on paper, things are going pretty great. So how about you, what's going on with you? 

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