Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wedding Wednesday- Award winning bridesmaids

Hello Lovelies

Happy Wednesday!! Tomorrow is my birthday. Hooray!

Wedding planning is fully underway and I'm hoping to share an update with you next week but in the meantime, but in the meantime, I have been inspired by Weddington Way to share my favorite "red carpet" bridesmaid looks.

If you haven't found your bridesmaid look I totally recommend Weddington Way, simply answer a few simple questions about colour, look, style etc. and be amazed by all the beautiful suggestions. I could hardly pick my favourite. 

Naturally, my bridesmaids have to be in "Emerald Green" and it's a winter wedding so no bare legs at the George-White wedding. 

So it had to be: Watters Mahogany Bridesmaid Dress

emerald bridesmaid

How wonderfully glamorous is that? It looks so flattering as well, like it would skim any curve, lump or bump (not that my girls need that!)

Now, no bridesmaid (or red carpet walker) would be complete without accessories. Here are my picks:


What bridesmaid dress would you choose? 

Check out Weddington Way for some beautiful looks. 
Check out their full collection of chiffon dresses

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