Saturday, 3 January 2015

My VIP Wardrobe

Ladies, I've found the dream solution... the answer to all those wardrobe, all those "nothing to wear" moments... Yes ladies.. I've found a rotating, virtual wardrobe!! and the answer is: My VIP Wardrobe.

As with a lot of my webfinds I stumbled upon My VIP Wardrobe after reading a blog and instantly I wanted them all! So, how does it work?

1. Pick your perfect dress (or more than one if you'd like options... don't forget accessories)
2. Wait for your exciting delivery (who doesn't love post?)
3. Party, dance, strut...
4. Post it back (it's actually a courier service..) 

So, that's exactly what I did.. First up:

The Flock Dress- The ultimate LBD: slinky, glittery, stylish and very flattering and I fit the size 10 which is a bonus right now! I veryyyy nearly asked to buy this dress because I loved it so much (and so did Andy!). Perfectly paired with a sequin blazer and heels. We actually didn't make it much further than Ed's Easy Diner (I looked a little overdressed) before I decided to go back to the hotel and drink champagne in the jacuzzi bath! I might need to hire this dress again for a proper party. 

Flock dress, LBD

Flock dress, LBD

Flock dress, LBD

I was also very lucky because the lovely Hannah, founder of My VIP Wardrobe (and my new BFF) sent me an extra dress (in two sizes)* to try so next up: 

The Goddess Dress, again glittery, stylish and very flattering I got lots of lovely compliments on the night and felt fabulous!! Unfortunately, the size 10 had a bit of a dodgy zip (partly because I didn't want to tug it and break the beautiful thing!) and so I wore the size 12.. which I appreciated after my massive meal!! Paired with: my vintage fake fur coat, curly hair and heels. 

goddess dress, LBD

LBD, Goddess dress

LBD, goddess dress

The whole experience was amazing, Hannah is sooo lovely and gives a real personal experience (including a Christmas card) and has totally inspired me to pursue setting up my own business (maybe not this year!) The prices are excellent, about the same, if not less than you'd pass for a new dress and the best bit? 

You can send it back and pick another one without worrying about where on earth it'll fit in your wardrobe. Winner!

I'm off to pick my next dress now.. Which is your favourite?

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**I will never review anything which I don't think is relevant to my blog and I will always be 100% honest. 

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