Thursday, 1 January 2015


Happy New Year!!! What did you get up to for New Year's Eve? 

I'm talking New Year's Resolutions on my blog tomorrow but I wanted to take this chance to look back at 2014. I'll try and keep the most amazing year of my life brief!


I saw 2014 in dressed as Prince Charming surrounded by my Dad, Stepmum and their friends. It was a mixed night of joy, drinking and emotions. I was adamant on that night that I wasn't going back to Chester and I wasn't going to finish university.. but with less than 6 months left funnily enough I decided that was a mistake! Good job I did because on the 3rd January after a 4 and a half hour drive and a nap I finally got to meet the wonderful man I'd been talking with for a fortnight and he was everything I'd expected and more. Cue a thoroughly loved up and exciting month. 


February saw me travelling allll the way from Chester to Torquay in the floods and storms for my first real world interview and quickly realising that the best man was definitely going to get the job but I had a lovely few nights in a Holiday Inn and was treated to a posh hotel upon my return to Chester. I also turned 22 and spent the weekend before at Harry Potter studios with my sister, perfect.

March- May

I considered doing this bit all as separate months but honestly this was mostly: assignment writing, job hunting, placement and counting down the days until university finished. Oh and a lovely long weekend with Andy over Easter where I showed him the sights of Bournemouth!


I finally finished University and celebrated by having the best nights sleep of my life! We spent a weekend in Norfolk celebrating my cousin's 30th and my Goddaughters' 2nd birthdays before I jetted off for my American Adventure. Perfection. 


I flew back from America and started my job at Eden. I also panicked about where on earth I was going to live and had to say goodbye to my beautiful car who just got a bit too expensive to keep! Andy's mum offered to let me move in there and everything fell in to place. I also found out I'd finished university with a 2.1. Winner!


Andy went away on his American adventure for the whole of August and I tried not to mope too much (Ok, I said tried!!), my blog underwent a transformation and Twentea Something launched! I moved in to Andy's house and spent a lovely long weekend with my family including a trip to Peppa Pig World (OMG!) and to top it off my twin sister got engaged. EEEEEEEEK! 


My boy came home and we celebrated his birthday in Liverpool. Chloe and Duncan started wedding planning and I tried not to cry when I saw her in a wedding dress (again, I said try!). 


The MOST exciting month. I spent a lovely long weekend in Ipswich with my sister and Aunty and then the next weekend... We got engaged!!!!!! The best night of my life. I still can't think about it without wanting to skip. We also got a mortgage in principal and put an offer in on our beautiful flat. Hectic!


Alongside my colleague, Darrell we started a new youth club on a Saturday night and the first night.. two turned up. The next week 15 turn up and it was brilliant! I'm excited to go back in January and see further growth. Me and Andy also booked our wedding date and venue. Less than a year to go!!


What I expected to be a difficult week at work proved to be.. not that bad and reminded me how much I love the people I work with. and we had the most wonderful Christmas.

All in all, a pretty good year!! How was your 2014?

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