Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Wedding Wednesday- Our Venue

Morning Lovelies

Blogging three days on the trot, I must be back in the swings of things!

So.. a week last Saturday we headed out alongside my sister & bridesmaid, Samantha to look at three possible wedding venues. By the end of the first one, I was in love.. by the end of all three I knew exactly which was right for us.

I'll give you a clue it wasn't the one that said "Ah, December 30th... well I suppose the Christmas tree will be here then.. it might look a bit brown" Ermm pardon?

We are getting married & celebrating afterwards at.... Talbot Heath School.

First of all, who can turn down the longest aisle in Bournemouth? But there's so much more, the school itself is gorgeous with loads of lovely features and set in the most beautiful grounds, including ornamental ponds (squee) and forests. Also, the wedding planners, Bellissimo who are linked with the venue are just.. Amazing. Melanie, Director and Senior planner is my new BFF (ok, she doesn't know that yet!) and she also had a December wedding. I think when someone is passionate about their job it shows! 

Oh.. Did I mention the date? Yes... 30th December 2015. eeeeeeek! 

It is a secular venue so we're having the legal ceremony followed by a very special religious blessing which couldn't be more perfect and then much celebrating! 

I'm hoping to share some pictures on here soon (lack of organisation on my part but I wanted to share this exciting news regardless) in the mean time check out their facebook and website.

Beautiful, right?

Where did you get married?

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