Tuesday, 9 December 2014

December Goals

Hello Lovelies, How are you?

Is it too late for a goals post? Oh well. 

Here were my goals for November:

 1. Lose a stone - I can't say I managed this! I didn't actually weigh myself at any point but I wasn't very disciplined at all in November but December is a new month and I am totally motivated by wedding dress shopping. In fact, I joined slimming world last night so watch this space for updates!

2. Blog every day- well, I mean.. that didn't happen at all now did it? Oh well...

3. Book a wedding venue -  YES! and it's perfect.. all will be revealed, tomorrow!!

4. Finish two books- I finished Blog Inc (and found it very useful again) but haven't quite finished "Build a Business from your Kitchen table" by Sophie Cornish & Holly Tucker.

Oh.. and I also said I'd have finished by Christmas shopping by December 1st and I am very smug that we were finished by mid November! I've since decided to get a few surprises for Andy because it's our first Christmas together. But otherwise we are all shopped, wrapped and the tree went up on Saturday!

So what about December? 

1. Join slimming world- & make goals from there. This will probably be a whole separate post altogether once I've got goals in mind!

That's it really... haha! December is meant to be chilled and full of family and friends. We have a lot of festive plans including Manchester Christmas market, two work Christmas parties and we're visiting Chester zoo on Christmas eve. 

What are your goals for December?

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