Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Christmas Traditions

Hello Lovelies

How was your Christmas? Do you have any Christmas traditions?

We have some as a family: namely watching Love Actually, eating cheese and potato pie on Christmas eve and then midnight service at church or having a specific present to open at the table on Christmas day. But this year, my first with Andy and my first waking up in Chester I knew we needed to make new traditions that we could recreate every year for the rest of our lives together (ahhhhhhh!)

So, on Christmas Eve we had a lie in and a yummy breakfast (salmon, scrambled eggs, bagels, mushrooms. Yum!) and then we headed to Chester Zoo. I'm not sure if the Zoo will become a tradition in itself but we had such a good time. Then we came back and the first traditions begun: I handed Andy a present which contained Christmas Onesies and films (Elf and The Nativity) and told him that every Christmas Eve we need to watch Christmas films and wear Christmas Jammies (yes, our life is a Pinterest board!) it also meant I got to open one present (that fact I'd made it all the way to Christmas Eve without opening one is a Christmas Miracle in itself!!). 

Then another tradition: a Chinese takeaway for Christmas Eve dinner. At this point I realised Slimming World was going out the window for the festive period!!

We were really lucky to be invited to a drinks party that evening so we spent the evening before Midnight service (where I performed as Juliet.. as in Romeo and Juliet, the traditional Christmas story!!) - slight confession.. we didn't make it through the entire service before bailing!! 

In the morning I woke Andy up by shouting CHRISTMASSSSSSS! and we opened our stockings (another tradition which we didn't manage to keep secret from each other!)

So that was our traditions. Our Christmas was wonderful.. we spent it with three families in total and I was totally spoilt! I'm not sure we'll ever travel on Christmas day again... although the journey took a lot less time than usual but it was worth it to spend the morning with Andy's family and the evening with one half of my family. 

So now tell me, what are your traditions?

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Slimming World- Week 1

Hi Lovelies

How are you?

You might remember that I mentioned in my December goals post that I joined Slimming World on Monday 8th December. As well as going to group, and keeping my mum updated- I figured I'd stay accountable by blogging my Slimming World journey. 

So on Monday I nervously turned up at the group - which is about a 1 minute walk from our house and was greeted very warmly by some members. I got given my pack and the new member talk where they go through how the plan works then I stayed for "Image Therapy" where everyone goes through their week, and talks a bit about how they've been doing, challenges etc. I came away feeling really excited and ready for the week.

I'm on the extra easy plan which in essence works like this: you fill up on superfree (most fruits and veg) and free (pasta, rice, pulses, starchy veg etc.) and then each day you also get a Health "A" extra (calcium: milk or cheese- two guesses as to which I go for EVERY day!*) and Healthy "B" extra (bread, cereal, a few other options) and then everything additional and else has a "syn" value and you can have between 5-15 syns per day. Phew! Sounds complicated, but my consultant, Lucy explains it a lot better than me!! 

The thing I was mostly excited about is that it doesn't really cut out all that much: I love pasta and carbs and I can still have them!

So I went in to this week all powered up, syn counting (I download the app so I could track syns on the go) and had a couple of really good days. I was meal planning and we've started cooking properly again every night instead of the odd ready meal or takeaway. 

Then I began to see the challenge of joining slimming world during the festive period: socialising! But, I quickly realised I was making better choices each and every day: turning down a mince pie, opting out of pilau rice with my curry etc. 

So by the end of week one I was feeling pretty good and not that nervous for weigh in. I'd beat myself up a bit on a couple of days but in general, I felt happy.. I figured I'd maybe lost 2 or 3lbs. So I was over the moon when I stepped on the scales and saw I'd lost... 5lbs!!!!! Eeeeek. I was grinning like a Cheshire cat for the rest of the night. 

The thing is, even if I hadn't lost any or I'd gained everyone at group is so supportive and lovely, I don't think I'd feel bad. But.. I'm not going to pretend I'm not over the moon with a great loss in my first week! 

The next few weeks are centered around food and socialising, so I'm aiming for a minimal loss or hopefully not a gain and then I'll be back on properly in the New Year! Just 20 more pounds to go! 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Wedding Wednesday- Our Venue

Morning Lovelies

Blogging three days on the trot, I must be back in the swings of things!

So.. a week last Saturday we headed out alongside my sister & bridesmaid, Samantha to look at three possible wedding venues. By the end of the first one, I was in love.. by the end of all three I knew exactly which was right for us.

I'll give you a clue it wasn't the one that said "Ah, December 30th... well I suppose the Christmas tree will be here then.. it might look a bit brown" Ermm pardon?

We are getting married & celebrating afterwards at.... Talbot Heath School.

First of all, who can turn down the longest aisle in Bournemouth? But there's so much more, the school itself is gorgeous with loads of lovely features and set in the most beautiful grounds, including ornamental ponds (squee) and forests. Also, the wedding planners, Bellissimo who are linked with the venue are just.. Amazing. Melanie, Director and Senior planner is my new BFF (ok, she doesn't know that yet!) and she also had a December wedding. I think when someone is passionate about their job it shows! 

Oh.. Did I mention the date? Yes... 30th December 2015. eeeeeeek! 

It is a secular venue so we're having the legal ceremony followed by a very special religious blessing which couldn't be more perfect and then much celebrating! 

I'm hoping to share some pictures on here soon (lack of organisation on my part but I wanted to share this exciting news regardless) in the mean time check out their facebook and website.

Beautiful, right?

Where did you get married?

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

December Goals

Hello Lovelies, How are you?

Is it too late for a goals post? Oh well. 

Here were my goals for November:

 1. Lose a stone - I can't say I managed this! I didn't actually weigh myself at any point but I wasn't very disciplined at all in November but December is a new month and I am totally motivated by wedding dress shopping. In fact, I joined slimming world last night so watch this space for updates!

2. Blog every day- well, I mean.. that didn't happen at all now did it? Oh well...

3. Book a wedding venue -  YES! and it's perfect.. all will be revealed, tomorrow!!

4. Finish two books- I finished Blog Inc (and found it very useful again) but haven't quite finished "Build a Business from your Kitchen table" by Sophie Cornish & Holly Tucker.

Oh.. and I also said I'd have finished by Christmas shopping by December 1st and I am very smug that we were finished by mid November! I've since decided to get a few surprises for Andy because it's our first Christmas together. But otherwise we are all shopped, wrapped and the tree went up on Saturday!

So what about December? 

1. Join slimming world- & make goals from there. This will probably be a whole separate post altogether once I've got goals in mind!

That's it really... haha! December is meant to be chilled and full of family and friends. We have a lot of festive plans including Manchester Christmas market, two work Christmas parties and we're visiting Chester zoo on Christmas eve. 

What are your goals for December?

Monday, 8 December 2014

And I go back to blog...

I'm backkkkkkkkk. Hello- how are you? Tell me everything that's new with you.

I last blogged properly (not my "I'm taking a break" post) over a month ago, here's what I've learnt from taking a break:

1. Bloggers guilt is real- the whole time I wasn't blogging I was thinking of blogging and wondering if I should be blogging and if anyone would read my blog next time I came back- so if you are reading, hello and thanks!

2. You can take the blog away from the girl but you can't take the girl away from the blog- or something! I've been thinking of posts and all things blog even whilst I was away.

3. Being away from a laptop is great- Part of the reason I took a break was because after a day sat in front of a screen I just didn't feel like turning my laptop on again.

4. Blogging is a bit of a bubble- I've read a few blogs whilst I've not been writing but for the most part I've stayed away from a lot of it, and I've quite enjoyed that! I love the blogging community but a break is nice.

5. The real world is fun- I've been enjoying life whilst not thinking "this would be good to blog about"- my life wasn't controlled by blogging, obviously and please don't think I don't enjoy blogging because I do I LOVE it but it was nice to have a break.

Have you taken a blogging break before? what did you learn?

Must we move on.. what's new with you?

Loads has happened recently:

  • we've had our mortgage accepted (and the news about stamp duty has made our week!) and now its just a waiting game.. our estate agent isn't exactly being forthcoming with ANY information (In that we phone and phone and phone and he doesn't reply!!) but it looks like we'll be moving in late January. 
  • We've booked our venue- I'm going to do a whole wedding update post but lots of exciting wedding things are happening- we have a venue, a date (all will be revealed on Wednesday) anddddd my beautiful bridesmaids have their dresses. 
What was your November like? and what are your plans for December? 

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