Friday, 10 October 2014

Right Here, Right Now Vol 2.


I'm linking up again with Jenna from Dearest Love & Jenna from A Mamma Collective for their coffee date. So what better excuse for a good ole catch up? I'll put the kettle on, how do you take your tea?

So where am I at?


Work is going well - I know I've said previously its not what I expected to be doing following university but I am enjoying it, the people are lovely and I'm learning a lot. I'm also taking on extra responsibilities which I am loving and is going really well. 

I'm also about to start working for a brand new youth club at the start of November and the preparation for that is very exciting. 

Living with Andy- Gahhh I absolutely love just being with Andy, knowing I'm coming home to him every night & that I'll be waking up with him in the morning. Doing life with him is excellent and I'm excited that this is just the start of our life together.

My weekend plans-  This weekend I'm headed 4 hours east to visit family. I'm going to be spending the weekend with my gorgeous twin sister, my uncle & auntie, my cousin & his wife and their gorgeous daughters (our goddaughters). It will be a lovely opportunity for a bit of r&r and it's always great to spend time with family.

I'm wandering back to God-  Remember my post from the other week? I've put a lot of effort in, I'm reading a very inspiration reading plan and also have a super gorgeous new bible. I've also joined a home group and I think surrounding myself with people to be accountable to is excellent. 


I've really been battling depression and anxiety this week. I was very aware of the warning signs for the past few weeks and then I had a very difficult few days, working very hard. Then living with Andy's mum became even more difficult and it became clear we might have to move a lot sooner. It has put an immense amount of strain on me and our relationship. 

We would really appreciate your prayers at this time. 

But tell me about you, what's going on with you?

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