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Review: One Six Eight Fitness*

Hello Lovelies

In an effort to lose weight and get healthy I was very excited to be asked to review OneSixEight Fitness in return for a months subscription to the service. The first thing I loved was the colour choices, very similar to Twentea Something so I knew the company must have taste!!

I talked a little bit about the OneSixEight Fitness in my October Goals but here's some more info:

OneSixEight Fitness is an online personal training company designed specifically for those who don't currently exercise or who have reached a plateau in their exercise regime

I definitely fell in the first group. I have never been a huge exercise fan and avoided it as much as possible, scoffing at those who run for fun (sorry!) But with my body changing I knew that I needed to make better lifestyle choices too. Enter Becky!

Becky Bounce is just about the perfect name for this girl. From our initial phone call where we talked about my lifestyle and goals her enthusiasm was infectious and motivating. Honestly, I would almost move to Loughborough (where is Loughborough?) if it meant having a personal trainer like Becky. I was so motivated I even signed up to the gym! Also, it reminded me how amazing people who set their own companies up are and gave me a little inspiration, but more on that another time!

I was then sent a fitness plan which is designed to fit around my lifestyle but was also heavily adaptable.  I was a little daunted when I first saw it, however, Becky isn't a scary, pushy personal trainer- she expects you do your best but when I said that I (and a lot of seasoned cyclists) thought cycling the 7 mile journey to and from work everyday might be a bit too much to begin with she wasn't pushy or mean she agreed and the fitness plan become something that I could achieve and wasn't so intense I was put off.

Even better, the plans would work even without a gym membership or any kind of equipment (though I am tempted to ask for a mini trampoline for Christmas!). As part of a membership you become part of a community which includes a forum to chat with other members and loads of tips and videos on exercising and healthy eating. Some of which can be viewed on the main OneSixEight webpage.

The programme also includes a weekly progress chat with Becky which was incredibly helpful as it meant being accountable to someone- I can't say I was scared of Becky but I knew I'd be disappointed in myself if I told her I'd had a week where I hadn't done a lot. Since my membership ended last week I've noticed straight off the difference having that accountability makes!

Finally, the calls gave opportunity to ask further questions and for me this included getting some tips on my diet and food choices. Unfortunately, spending time with my family this weekend that's gone by the wayside a bit and I will admit a lot of the food choice decisions are common sense!

Ultimately, I'd completely recommend OneSixEight Fitness especially to newbie exercisees (Is that a word?) as a way of learning about technique and what will help achieve your goals. I have lost weight and started to tone up but more importantly I've become motivated to go to the gym or do exercise and that is a huge change for me.

Oh and the best bit? The subscription rates are less than most gym memberships. 

Get in touch with Becky via email or twitter for more information. 

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*I will never review anything which I don't think is relevant to my blog and I will always be 100% honest.

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